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  1. It was small fish, and I know that cos I am now landing them successfully. Having said that, they are all v small pollock (or whiting) and too small to keep. Assuming there are some bigger ones around, how to attract bigger fish from a shoal?
  2. I guess it might have been - I am not familiar enough to know - it sure looked like a bite to me (as a coarse fisherman)
  3. Went out today for a couple of hours off the rocks near where I live. Had what I thought were quite a few bites - the rod tip would tremble, then tap over a few times, but I could not seem to connect on striking. I was using a 3oz weight with two hooks, with ragworm on the hook. Any idea why the bites were either just nibbles or why I might not have been connecting?
  4. well, finally got to take him out - to Hickling basin on the Grantham canal. Loads of silvers, plus I got to fish too, and picked up a cpl of half-decent bream. the lad had a good time with the 4m whip I got him. hopefully he'll want to go again some time. if not, I'll have the whip off him! £15 well spent I reckon (well, plus his license, his day ticket, his maggots, his chips at he pub, his coke, his snickers bar.......)
  5. Its just a length of line, a hook, float and a few shot - no different to rod fishing.....
  6. wait until they have gone to bed?
  7. Seems common to many areas of internet "discussions" ie pathetic passive-aggressives always prefer to poke fun or provoke an argument than not posting at all.
  8. Sounds like a good day. However, I am concerned that you have left so many hooks in fish - are you able to use a disgorger? If not you really ought to find out, as its not really right to do so much damage to the fish. I too have had a lot of problems with deep-hooked perch, but I have never left a hook in yet (not since I was 10 anyway!). Sorry to moan but its a bit of a shame you weren't asking how to avoid that rather than stressing the size of the catch. Just saying....... Welcome to the forum.
  9. Yes that makes sense. Yes the swivel is at the thicker end of the top section. I will try to source a bung of the right size. Thanks for your help
  10. and the elastic has this on the end, inside the top section The elastic doesnt appear to pull out, blocked I guess by the bulky swivel. But should there be a bung or something else to hold it all it place? Sorry the pic is a little blurred.
  11. Placed order last saturday and nothing from them, not even an email in response to me asking for a delivery date. anyone else used them successfully?
  12. Yeah I saw this, but I wanted a real user's opinion too
  13. Call me old moaner, but today's modern shot doesn't seem to be very usable - I pinch mine on pretty hard between finger and thumb, no wishing to harm the line by pinching too hard (eg with my teeth) but they frequently seem to ping off, either if I try to move them or if they rub up against reeds etc. Do different makes behave differently in these regards? Have just seen something about Stotz - are they a better option?
  14. Thanks! Used it to replace my pole,. the 4th and 5th sections of which rolled into a very deep lock yesterday (and sank!)
  15. I meant random from the angler's point of view - its pot luck if the fish actually takes the bait rather than the free offerings. I would be inclined, having watched that, to put V little bait out, just some smelly gb to attract them in....but what do I know?!
  16. shows how random a catch can be - mind you with that much bait samples thrown in I am not surprised!. Jump to near the end for the catch, if you can't be bothered to sit thru it all
  17. yes in this case it was fine thanks.
  18. That's the sort of thing I mean, yes. That said, I too am not keen on that style of fishing - like shooting stupid fish in a barrel - but as a video it is a good example of the viewer being able to share the excitement of the "hunt". Thanks for posting
  19. ...well, good on you, as I really like watching them, for when I need instruction (often) and for when I want to fish by proxy when I can't get out (far too often) However, please please please show us close-ups of the float or quiver tip - watching those is the exciting bit about fishing, and I hate when all you see is the angler rabbiting on then suddenly it cuts to the playing of the fish. Let us share "the moment" too! [/rant]
  20. Hadn't considered a whip (or a pole for that matter) on the river.....kinda limits the trot doesn't it?
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