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  1. Does anyone actually still use these? I ask as I'm on the lookout for some old school Solar monkey climbers if anyone has any that they'd part with?
  2. Nothing I can do about it as I stepped down from admin on here. So it's all on Elton to fix.
  3. I doubt Elton was doing anything, he hardly comes on here any more.
  4. Braid can be the kiss of death for a fish in snaggy waters as the braid will most likely cut into underwater branches rather than "flow" over it like mono can. Use decent strong line, I use 24lb 0.35mm control mono from pbproducts and can honestly say its the best line I've used in 30+ years of fishing. Stay locked up, reel drags tight, tight lines and absolutely no baitrunners. Strong banksticks or even better a goal post set up (as shown below). http://imgur.com/a/R2aIjF8 Never a rod pod, these can get pulled over by an angry carp. Be on your rod within seconds and us
  5. Any further updates Steve?
  6. Its a known gigabyte board issue. I had the same thing when i had a gigabyte board. Nothing i did would fix it, updated downgraded drivers, etc... i got sick of the issues with the gigabyte board and sent it back and got an asus board. No problems since then.
  7. They sell these sweets in the local newsagents
  8. Shouldn't need a leader for that casting weight, I've cast 50-65g feeders/weights well in excess of 80yds on 8lb straight through.
  9. Its a known scam site. The cost of a 3 rod coarse license is £45. (I know i bought mine the other week). This site charges £60 for the same license.
  10. Thats one of the many reasons why I only use imgur.com for image uploads.
  11. Dammit. Got the time booked off work already Hope you get it sorted soon Steve
  12. Start of a 4 day session
  13. Well all the new tackle has been bought and I'm ready for the fishin, just need Steve to post details and hopefully I'll get a place
  14. 1200yds for the 3 new reels Plus I have other reels that need new line, plus a little extra in case of a crack off and I need to respool a reel.
  15. Luckily I had permission from the missus otherwise I'd be in the doghouse for years lol 3 x Delkim TXI plus 1 x Delkim RX Pro receiver 3 x Delkim Safe-D snag bars 3 x Daiwa Tournament 5000T reels 2 x 1200m spools RM-TEC 12lb 1 x JRC Extreme TX 1 Man Bivvy. £1435.75 spent 😁😁😁
  16. There is a voucher for 20% off purchases of £20 or more on ebay right now. Voucher is valid up until 6pm Code below. Can only be used one time per person.
  17. Lets hear (and see) what you've been catching, no matter how big or small.
  18. Si...

    New reel

    I'd stick with the shimanos, won't get better than those imho
  19. Cheers fella. Hopefully I'll have all my new tackle by then Currently re-buying all the gear and more that I sold 6-7 years ago when I moved abroad. Already spent 600 quid in the past 3 weeks with maybe another 1500-2000 yet to spend lol.
  20. I found a couple of patterns I like. Korda Korve and Nash Fang X. These seem to be the closest shape and size to the old GLT penetrator 2 hooks (my all time favourite hook pattern).
  21. Will there be one this year?
  22. Damn, thats well out of my price range unfortunately.
  23. After being out of the game for several years I've noticed that my old favourite line and hooks are no longer available. (Sufix synergy line and penetrator 2 hooks). Can anyone recommend good alternatives that have a proven history. (Re: hooks, as close to the P2 pattern/design as possible).
  24. I've fished the Farnham waters in the past and didn't really like them. So still on the look out atm. Steve, whats the going rate on the Wingham carp lake? Would love to fish there again, if possible.
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