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  1. Its amazing we see and use all these modern baits and think they are the bees knees, but its the angler who catches not the bait, i remember watching Bill Penny fishing a lake in sunbury many moons ago , all he had was a backy tin with some bread in it made by his wife and a little bag of mashed bread as groundbait , he was pulling roach out every cast and i mean good roach all over 2lb He could strike ,hook play and land the fish with out even looking at the float or the water, he was an angling artist, funny thing was when asked how he prepared his hook bait ,he replied i dont know the wife
  2. My old dad used to use stale bread, left to soak for an hour or so, then mash it up and squeeze as much water out as you can, then he would add bran and any odd bits of hook bait, like corn maggots,caster ,meat. its very simple but effective.Ive seen shoals of barbel over the stuff on the avon and my dad never lost a match against my matchman uncle
  3. On my local i would go for the black knat, or a small monty unweighted and olive dun
  4. If anglers botherd to look in there flyboxes they would see loads of flies that do not look anything like the natural food trout eat, not even the ptn looks like the nymph it is supposed to look like, they are rough immitations not copies, so the blob is fair game
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    I got hooked

    The easyist way to get a hook out is to push the hook through your skin so the barb is out in the open ,and then cut the hook so the barbed end is gone, then its a matter of sliding the hook back and out, but always get it looked at as infection could be dangerous from water bourne bacteria
  6. loopy

    I got hooked

    Managed to whack myself in the back of the head with a cats, on my last outing, felt like i had been shot with an airgun
  7. Dry fly fishing is the simplist and easist form of flyfishing yet was considered the only way to catch trout thank christ weve gone forward
  8. If you need them to fit over glasses then a pair of cocoons will do the job nicely or get yourself down to aldi polaroid glasses there for 3.99 at the mo
  9. If you go to your supermarket you can get hundreds of different baits from the humble bread to broth mixes ,flavourings, cereal even bird seed all alot cheaper than from a tackle shop packaged as bait after all how do you think boilees came about A good tip for sweetcorn is to add yellow colouring, it give the corn a fluorecent sort of glow to it, and of course youve got red, black orange, blue and flavours strawberry, vanella and so on i use a broth and birdseed mix with a touch of strawberry for my pond fish, they love it
  10. years ago dry fly fishing for browns was considered the art of flyfishing, catching fish on nymphs was for the lower angler and assigned to grayling and alike, so this argument is nothing new, fishing goes forward, not stuck in the past like some would have it
  11. What worried me was the fish i saw with fungal infections on them, and i had an underweight brown which didnt look well , also 5.5 and 6lb fish arent exactly big fish these days, there were also afew dead fish about" dead fish and infected fish do nothing to help sport"i believe infected fish cause shoaling of the others and puts them on the defensive, ive seen it happen at the mere afew years back the management should really be on top of this and sort it quickly as far as the corparote anglers are concerned i totally agree just "ego bashers"
  12. loopy


    Just for those who want to know how i got on at lechlade , had three fish 1 brown 2.7lb underweight jobby, 2 rainbows of 5.5 and 6lb it was very hard fishing but i used abit of common sense and fished an overhanging willow to get both bows on a olive nymph, the brown came to a buzzer in a bay. disapointed with the size of the fish as there were some corkers there ,but i seem to get wrong end of the bargain
  13. loopy


    Thank you Mr Chris just spreading myself about ,to get more info on the fisheries. ive got the urge to try lechlade but its convincing the wife and the weather nowing my luck it will be the mere again even i like a change now and again, i suppose at a push i could do syon Gaz
  14. I know this is abit late ,but i wouldnt touch it with a barge poll, on the basis the customer service is dreadfull and the reports ive had off of other anglers about the water is just as bad
  15. loopy


    anyone been to lechlade recently, i keep seeing posts saying its really a winter venue, so why isnt it that good during the so called warmer months Also is frensham any good , posts are saying its rather peety now Cheers Gaz
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