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  1. Afternoon all, I haven't been on this forum for a good while but am after a bit of advice. I had some fun over the summer fishing around the Blackwater and crouch estuaries from the kayak for schoolies but I'm considering taking a trip out to the mouth of the crouch around holliwell point to try for some cod and whiting now it's later in the season. Does anyone else fish around there? Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciappreciated. Thanks, Dom
  2. Thanks Toerag, so if i do get a proper bite then it will be obvious. Essexbuoy, im using a 4-6oz beachcaster, 20lb mainline, 60lb shockleader+60lb rig body, 12'' 15lb trace, 4oz lead. Sometimes the baits came back really mashed but sometimes they came back intact but jst a bit cut up. Maidstonemike- I did wonder if it was just crabs on the bait, but i wasn't sure.
  3. Hi people, I've got a problem and, as all of you on AN always seem to be up for giving advise and helping out a fellow angler, i thought I'd ask here first. Problem-- As I've practically learnt what I know about beachcasting on my own, having never been casting with anyone with experience, I've nevr really been sure what a bite looks like. Having not caught many fish beachcasting I haven't learnt from experience and normally just strike at something that looks vaguely like a bite to me (not usually very successfully). Situation--Went casting for a couple of hours this afternoon on the Blackwater, just opposite the baffle at Bradwell. Didn't have much time and started an hour before high tide. Two hook flapper, size 2 hooks, 4oz lead, rag and squid strip for bait. Cast about 50 yards out. After sorting out problems with the lead not staying put, about 10 mins after casting, i started getting small taps on the rod tip, they continued for about 30 seconds then started to get bigger. Because i thought there was a chance of them being a fish i struck but nothing was hooked. I recast and got the same thing happening. For the rest of the session i recieved lots of taps and knocks on the tip but i didnt know what to strike at so just left them until they carried on for a while then struck, result- no fish.A few times after high tide the rod bent round and just kept bending until it lifted the butt from the ground but this was obviously weed in the tide. Could someone please tell me what i should be looking to strike at as im getting a bit desperate for some beach caught fish. Thanks alot. Dom
  4. Hi to you and your wife, welcome back to the site and a merry xmas to you to!
  5. Where abouts on the river were you, i was at papermill. Just had one small jack about 3lbs on the lures.
  6. It's the same on my pc FiveBellies.
  7. Cheers for the pm Sam, might have a pop at them perch next weekend. Dom.
  8. Cheers for that Colin, great site.
  9. Yes FTB, it was me you leant the reel to, cheers. I still fish up and down stream of papermill lock regularly but dont catch anywhere near as much as i did in the weirpool. Dom.
  10. Just wondering what your fave pike flies are and what size, also, is it worth pike fly fishin at this time of year? Cheers. Dom
  11. I'm not a kayaker but just interested, what is a sabiki guys?
  12. I thought that a number 10 was bigger than a number 12 , is it not?
  13. Last winter i almost always tried to fish in the weirpool if i could (found that to be a hot spot on that area of the river for deadbaiting). Shame now its been closed for fishing. Someone told me a while ago that they might open it for the winter for fishing but nothings happened yet.
  14. I fish at hoe mill lock quite a lot for pike, never had too many from there. Imo paper mill lock (nearby) is better for piking, or maybe its just me and my luck.
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