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  1. Actually Belgium has a population density of approx 383 per sqkm, England (not the the UK as the figures are skewed by Scotland and Wales) has a population density of approx 430 per sqkm so who's packed in where ?
  2. Acquitted https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/donald-trump-acquitted-in-second-impeachment-trial-by-senate/
  3. They would have had to have had a negative covid test less than 72 hours old before they could fly from SA to the UK. How do I know this because 2 friends of mine returned from SA to the UK in October and they were required to have this plus a South African Health Declaration form. A South African Traveller Health Questionnaire-Screening Within South Africa form. and a UK Passenger Health and Quarantine Form. Which cannot be more than 48 hours old
  4. As I say look at the rates per capita, of course we have an overall higher number of cases and deaths than a number of European countries we have a higher population and population density apart from anything else, that's why looking at the figures per 100,000 gives a far better idea of whose coping with it well, but of course that wouldn't support your argument as there are a number of European countries with rates higher than the UKs.
  5. Actually if you go by the rates per capita (cases & deaths per 100,000 population) we're not near the worst https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/cases-2019-ncov-eueea but hey why let facts get in the way
  6. Don't forget the outbreak of super gonorrhoea that was promised as well
  7. Sadly piracy is no longer a hanging offence
  8. Bloomin onions are great, I first had one in San Diego in around 98, very tasty.
  9. snakey1


    Turned 50 at the start of this year and spent my birthday in Vietnam so can't complain, rest of the year has been a bit if a right off but thats nowt to do with my age.
  10. been smacked in the face by the kayak after I got binned in the surf when I first started and had a black eye from it (though not like that one) didn't realise until one of the barmaids pointed it out a few hours later
  11. yup been at it since around 2006 dont do much at the moment unfortunately as too busy with other projects.
  12. yup the s210 will go up to iso 2000, and if its good enough for your needs that's all that matters
  13. Is it the S210 coolpix ? as this has a 8mp sensor and an iso range up to 2000 (although photos taken at this iso will probably be grainy as hell) . iso 2000 isn't that high for a half decent modern digital my 7d came out in 2009 and will go up to iso12800 and the mark 2 (released in 2014) will go up to iso51200. if you really want to push it the 1dx mk3 will go as high as iso819,200 in H3 custom function but will cost you about £6500 without any lenses.
  14. A tenners worth ?! just how bad a shot are you ?
  15. snakey1


    yep I've listened to both Xhosa and Zulu in South Africa (both have click consonants) as some friends I've stayed with there are fluent in both.
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