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    yep I've listened to both Xhosa and Zulu in South Africa (both have click consonants) as some friends I've stayed with there are fluent in both.
  2. They stopped all flights to and from China is what I think made a big difference where we were still letting flights in and out of countries like China and Italy, when I was there in Feb the popular tourist destinations were pretty quiet but only because the majority of their tourists are Chinese and they had been stopped. There was no social distancing going on, bars and restaurants were fully open and relatively busy (once again trade was down and quieter but that was down to the lack of chinese).
  3. Vietnam locked down travel to and from China early that's true and we should have done the same, but otherwise their lockdown wasnt particularly tight early on as I was there throughout February and businesses, bars clubs etc were all open there was little checking that i saw at the border, we were offered masks but most didnt wear them.
  4. See what I mean, cloud cuckoo land
  5. Alas the ability to read and comprehend what others have written is not a strong point for some. I do try not to bother nowadays as really theres just no getting past those massive blinders but sometimes I can't resist the temptation to try. must be useful at times to be able to blissfully ignore what is going on in the surrounding world and live in ones own little fairy story.
  6. No that's what is in withdrawal agreement act ratified by parliament on Jan 29th this year and the EU on the 30th of Jan A no deal brexit is still the default position should no trade agreement be reached by Dec 31 2020 and no extension is agreed (which has to be done by July 1st).
  7. Well unless both us and the EU agree to extend the transition period by the July 1st we're out agreement or not in which case WTO rules kick in
  8. Brexit has happened, we're out, we just dealing with the trade negotiations in the transition period now.
  9. which particular sh1t? theres been a lot apparently going to hit the fan for years according to some
  10. I think the same incident gets a mention on the bbc website, no names mentioned though https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52003543
  11. time and technology moves on, I did find it an interesting read though as most wouldnt realise technical aspects behind something that appears at first glance to be so simple a design
  12. I was made redundant by a labour run local government under a labour central government. So much for them looking after the workers
  13. For those interested a bit more on spirit levels and how their radius effects accuracy etc can be found here https://www.leveldevelopments.com/sensitivity-explained/
  14. I think your getting confused now I'm not referring to the financial cost but to the personal cost if someone wrongly convicted was executed (and whether you would find that acceptable if that person was a member of your family).
  15. it couldn't happen right, so the Birmingham 6 wouldnt have been executed on false evidence and forced confessions ? how about the guildford four as another example? so no my argument is not a non starter, plenty of murder convictions have been over turned at a later date when new evidence has come to light but it's a bit late if you have the death penalty. You can believe in the death penalty as that your right to your opinion and you can believe in free speech (as do I though you'll actually find there is no so thing as free speech in this country as you can be locked up for incitement and "hate" speech) and though I disagree with your opinion on the death penalty I wouldnt refer to you as a "buffoon" for having a differing opinion especially as I dont know you from Adam.
  16. and yet you still wont answer the question. What if the innocent that is killed due to bringing back the death penalty is one of your kids or grandkids ? mistakes happen even now is it a price your willing to happily pay?
  17. And once again we're not talking everyone I am talking yours, would you be so quick to bring it back if it meant the cost was to hang your own son or daughter despite them being innocent
  18. So no rational argument or answer to what if the accidental cost was your son or daughter or yourself? lock people up for life by all means but you cant rescind the death penalty when you make a mistake
  19. There is no death penalty currently in the UK (it was completely abolished in 1998) and that imo is a good thing, the Charles de Menezes case was a different matter as that was an officer/officers responding and making a split second life or death decision (like those taken by soldiers in combat) that could have decided the life of not just de Menezes but a large number of others including the public at the time. unfortunately the intelligence was incorrect but that sort of situation is completely different to the cold blooded execution of a imprisoned person after trial. There are too many errors in justice for the death penalty imo and those who bleat about "well it's worth it" would you be so fast to agree if the price was the death of an innocent and that innocent was you or your son or daughter or wife?
  20. is this any good https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-folding-router-table-kit-717613
  21. But the referendum wasnt a vote for any specific party so your argument is cr@p. if you want to go by party and their stance on Brexit conservative - get brexit done - 14 million votes lib dems - cancel Brexit - 3.6 million labour and everyone else - we cant make up our minds what to do so want yet another referendum - 14 million approx so the only party who guaranteed they would cancel Brexit got 3.6 million votes so by Cod logic 12.5 million remainers changed their mind otherwise they would have voted lib dem
  22. And the only party that said they would cancel Brexit was the lib dems and they got 3.675 million so remain lost by a margin of 9 million as none of the other parties would go either way and just said we'll have yet another referendum.
  23. But the only party that rejected and said they would cancel Brexit was the lib dems the rest said they would give a second referendum which once again was a sitting on the fence decision which left the public to decide. there was no guarantee of a remain except by voting for the lib dems and once again how did they do ?
  24. who says all those who didnt vote conservative want to remain ? the only party who said they would cancel brexit was the lib dems I believe (and how well did they do ? ) the rest promised a second referendum which didnt necessarily mean remaining. Many voters would have stayed with their normal parties due to the usual blind loyalty doesnt mean they would have voted to remain just that the blind " my father voted x and his father before him" loyalty kept them from voting conservative.
  25. well you could have always voted for corbyn and ended up with the standards of one of his favourite countries Venezuela, which are of course second to none
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