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    fishing rivers,watching wigan athletic ,drinking beer.
  1. would that be the douglas by any chance mate?
  2. Hi all, anyone know where you can buy this stuff? Also, any general tips on boilie making. Made my first batch yesterday and most of them are very soft? Thanks, John.
  3. john


    Hi guys not strictly coarse fishing. I am off to Cocoa Beach in June to try some Florida fishing. I intend to take some gear for lure fishing. Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks.
  4. Hi, I have just replaced my mono with 6lb braid on my feeder reel. What set up would I use, ie would the feeder be attached to the braid or a long leader? my worry is if the feeder is on the braid and I snag i am likely to lose a fair amount of main line. Cheers, John.
  5. Hi, could someone explain the use of the three tips with the Greys Prodigy Barbel rods please. Would the lighter tip be siutable for lighter feeder fishing for Bream on stillwaters for example.? Thanks, John.
  6. Try Anglezark or Rivington reservoirs £3 per day from Crown Tacle Horwich. 20 miles from Manchester.
  7. john

    River Goyt

    Hi all, does anyone have any info.on free fishing on the Goyt near Stockport? Cheers.
  8. Hi, I am planning one day on the Severn around Shrewsbury trying for Barbel. Can anyone recommend a good day ticket stretch. Thanks.
  9. john

    back lead

    hi,can someone explain the back lead set up for fishing rivers. Cheers
  10. john

    strange catch

    sorry lads. meant to say a 5lb. pike.
  11. hi guys, caught a small 3in. fish last night on the upper trent. the fish looked remarkably like a zander. i remember years ago we used to catch fish on the canals called a 'tommy rough'. which i think was a cross between a perch and gudgeon. are there zander in the upper trent? (also caught a 5lb on pellett!!)
  12. hi i am desperate to obtain some worden rooster tail spinners from the uk. can anyone help. are there any problems buying from america? cheers, john.
  13. don't know about the tees mate, but i do a lot of lure fishing for both chub and pike on the derbyshire dove. i carry two rods, one a light outfit for the chub and a heavier one for pike. for me for the pike its cast across, let the lure work round to the near bank and then twitch back. 90% of my fish come from the nearside bank. look for the little slacks near fast water. four chucks then move. also i find a change of lure can bring a result.( heddon meadow mouse is my fav. lure) good luck.
  14. john


    thanks, that's very useful.
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