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  1. I know what you mean. Im lucky that my club has some magic gravel pits with some large perch, roach, bream and tench with some carp thrown in too. Problem is, they are sat 50 metres away from the trent so its always so very tantalising but the Trent is just too high for me.
  2. Any thoughts anyone. My pass will soon be expiring. Ive done a Google search and all it seems to pull up for me are the large commercial types.
  3. Maybe but I think on this occasion a nice remote spot off the river is what i am, ahem, angling for. Anyone?
  4. I didnt see it, what were you thinking?
  5. Hi all, I hope you can help. As the topic suggests, I am looking for a place where I can go fishing tomorrow early-ish, stay overnight and come home Saturday, depending on the weather. My criteria is somewhere within approx 50 miles of Newark, Notts, where I will be pitching a small Terra Nova Voyager tent as close to the bank as possible with my fishing gear. Stillwater is probably the preference due to the flows and as I am part of Notts piscatorial, I get all the good river fishing I want when the conditions are right. Mixed species would be fine but with decent tench, roach, cruc
  6. I agree with most of that, especially about the intelligence credited to a pretty unitelligent creature which has the prime functions of survival and reproduction hard wired into its instinct - they certainly arent octopus which have been proven to to be able to learn. I do believe that there is some kind of acquired adaptation to the instinct of larger and older fish, especially carp, which has made them, somehow, to be more weary of being caught. Why are they so difficult to catch compared to the yearling roach and perch - apart from the obvious answer that they are less numerous? Lo
  7. Whilst I cant back up my assumptions with any scientific fact, I would assume that the worst that could happen in baiting would be an increase in the micro organisms that would feed on the inevitable increase in fungus and bacteria which would breed on the new organic matter. These micro organisms would be fed upon by invertebrates which in turn would feed the fish/waterfoul/insect carnivores. This assumes that the fish dont hoover up the bait first. Many bacteria do release toxic compounds though which might cause an issue but not my area of expertise. The natural world has a inc
  8. RPM

    Hooker pellets

    Cool, thanks for the tips. Funny, looking at the stockists section, the one in Newark has been closed for about 2 years.
  9. RPM

    Hooker pellets

    Sorry, bumpety, bump
  10. Interesting thoughts but in practice, wouldnt this be difficult to measure? I guess one could approach this by using some kind of control and measuring the results but how you would accurately guage the results with so many variables is beyond my tiny little mind.
  11. Hey all, long time no see. Its been a while - actually didnt fish once last year due to acquiring new motorbike which took all my sunny Sunday mornings - since I last fished and so I decided to have an afternoons fishing yesterday at a lovely, local mill pond. Its a cracking little spot with a huge mass of roach, decent bream and some nice carp. The roach, averaging half pound are great to catch but can be a bit bothersome on the maggot and worm. Im keen to give it another go next time and try for some of the larger roach which go to about 1.5lbs and some of the carp and bream. I
  12. Morning all, long time no see. Just a quickie to see if anyone had an intelligence on this water. I passed it yesterday on my way to Noirfolk and I am keen to give it a try. The main stuff I can find suggests that its good for piking and zander but what about the coarse fishing? Do I need a pre paid permit or is it bankside? What are the best tactics? I am keen to have a go this weekend starting very early so are there any restrictions on times etc. Cheers Richard
  13. Went withoe of these in the end which having got it on my mits, was the right choice. Looking forward to trying it tomorrow now. http://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/store/coars...per-gtm-rb-reel
  14. Hmmm, I have just had a look at my other Baitrunner AEROs and I hve a GTE 5000b and a GTE6000c both of which are a bit bigger than what I had in mind so I guess a 3-4000 size would be perfect.
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