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  1. Well, it may mean a Gypsy or Vagrant down South, but that aint what I was refering to!...But fair enough I guess. You're the boss!
  2. I suppose one could say that filling in the correct form to apply to keep the stuff salvaged is ok (I can find myself growing to that idea) But sadly, many of the [Edited to remove a racist word - John S] that I saw in the Newspapers and on the TV news looked like they would'nt be able to string a sentence together, or read the documentation...and indeed had no other intentions bar vandalism and theft. I suppose if people stay within the law, then I concede to your viewpoints, but those who dont should be hung out to dry!
  3. You make some valid points, however this law is old, outdated and totally un-workable. (the same as our requirement to practise Archery on a Sunday!...Very useful skill in 1415! ...now Assault with a deadly weapon) It is only because this situation has occured, that it is up for being scrapped, and that is a good thing imho. The law side of it is the point, I may have been mis-understood there..I meant that it was not the point of my thread! Finders keepers is Illegal it seems, in all but stupid Salvage Laws!
  4. Like I say. If it was your stuff washed up on the Beach, I bet you would be the first one calling the Police about the the Thieves robbing you! The law is nothing to do with it! (and I am sure you are well up on Salvage Laws...lol... but for those of us with a life...we shall stick to what is morally correct) This is about Not being a grabbing, selfish tosser!...Not some antiquated law passed when men wore powdered wigs, and were called Horatio!
  5. If you could trouble yourself, and come down off your high-horse long enough Nick, you may see that I am perfectly equated with the law thank you, and it is the outdatedness of the said law, that gives people the right to vandalise, and take other peoples property. Well, no doubt when 'The Law' is changed to prevent such vulturistic behaviour by a bunch of "Grab what you can, and f***k everyone else" morons, they will finally get punished in Law, along with other crooks! I am sure that if it had been your expensive Tackle, or your personal effects that these [Edited to remove a racist
  6. Well, I work with several large companies, as an IT Support Technician. NONE of them use W/Less for the reasons you rightly give! Ok for a home enviroment, provided that you have NO sensitive info on your PC's....but I agree, wired is by far the best.. but well dodgy otherwise!
  7. http://eursoc.com/news/fullstory.php/aid/1...age_Rights.html Personally I believe that it is our 17th Century stupid Maritime laws that need to be changed! This is common or Garden Theft / Looting and Vandalism, and the purpetrators should be arrested and Charged! If you did this at a Plane / Train / Car/ Lorry crash site.....it would be time for the book to be thrown! whats the difference? Those involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. They are leeches and enviromental vandals, and I hope they get what is coming to them!
  8. Hi Tony Killie is a No-No now sadly (I think they had a big Pike wipeout there) They did so @ QE2 as well...but I believe it has been re-stocked. I actually do a fair bit of Piking @ Sweethope Loughs (been opened up to Piking during the winter) but nothing big reported (yet!) And Bolam is good for a laugh! Scotland is the mainstay though! (I am from down south, and moved up here!...So one leaves...another arrives!) Tight lines m8!
  9. My Local Carp Syndicate has 2 species. Carp and Perch Lots of Big Perch in there... No Little Carp!
  10. Makes a change for the South of the UK to get more Snow than the North! Our Geordie Pike dont know what to do at all!!
  11. I agree. Carp make such bad Livos, that catching quality Roach of the 1/12 - 2lb mark to stick on snap-tackle can become a real problem!
  12. Hi Andy, Yes...there is something special about bringing a youngster into the wonderful world of Angling. 7yrs old is still a 'tiny' bit young for the patience levels to have evolved to the required levels methinks. (But hey....nowt wrong with a good Sniper Rifle!) But the fact that you take him is great, and the bug may well have already bitten your young Nephew (as it did mine) I did my first all-night session with my son last summer...he was 8 yrs old then, and loved it...So not long to wait!!! Here's wishing you and him tight-lines, and many great stories to share in the p
  13. Hi Steve, Yes, he does realise the size was that of a big old specimen. He still fishes (mainly for Perch, no surprise) but a larger one has (and possibly always will, elude him)
  14. I was just reminded of this incident which happened with my Young Nephew (well, he is kicking 30 now) but the story starts when he was a young 'trainee' angler of just 8-9 yrs old. I had got him interested in angling when he was a mere spawner of 5 yrs of age. We used to go to the local pond (called Slines Oak...nr Caterham Surrey) and spent many sun-filled afternoons catching small Crucians, Commons and the odd Perch, and wiling away the hours chatting about Fishing. As with all youngsters, he was keen as mustard to learn 'How big the biggest Carp in the World is' and 'can a Pike eat
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