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  1. I was there during this event, and the manhood-defining rabbit attack, and all I can say is, Elton conducted himself with dignity, class and calm authority. Wordbender, News At 10 - lying like a bleddy flatfish.
  2. Does my ancient brain let me down again, or was the original 'Monkey Man' done by Toots and the Maytals'? Vey, vey, important that we know, obviously.
  3. What a fantastic, albeit slightly harrowing, tale. And I was worried about having a ruck with a few young bullocks. Roll on Part Two. Marvellous stuff.
  4. Well told, well caught - well-jealous! Top work, Anderoo, and what a cracking fish. Inspirational stuff and no mistake.
  5. This week, I have mainly been trotting a brace of maggots down chalk streams in Berkshire, a bit of the Kennet, and the Colne. Much has been learned, and every moment savoured. My Berkshire excursion produced exciting tussles with grayling and dace, plus some certifiable fights with rainbows and brownies. Yes, the trout were off-topic, but their mad rushes and aerobatics would force a grin from the most granite-faced of traditional gits. Today's mooch along the Colne produced eight chub (only three 'proper' ones, the rest below three pounds) but in the process I had a toe-to-hoof bra
  6. Ah that designer OCC brand, eh? Ultra-cult and no mistake, Budge old boy.
  7. I would never fish a lake for tench, carp, bream or pike, without exploring for features with a marker rod. In fact, I'd rather use a single rod on a spot found and baited with the use of a marker, than to fish three rods 'blind'. My marker rod is absolutely vital to my specimen fishing and I wouldn't leave home without it.
  8. Now Budgie, you know as well as I do that, unless all of your rods match, and they're of the most fashionable make and configuration, you simply won't catch. Frankly, I'm amazed that you would subscribe to any other mindset. Shocked, I am. Yes, shocked.
  9. Calm down dear - it's only Chesters! I do believe the old chap is being a bit of a naughty pixie and playing the pantomime curmudgeon. After all, nobody could really be that bloody miserable and still appreciate our beloved fishing, could they? Tell me they couldn't.
  10. 'Sex with farm animals'? Chesters old chum, you are the very epitome of 'needs to get out more'. That stir-craziness has obviously led to some seriously dodgy thought processes. I prescribe a nice holiday, preferably overseas among friendly natives.
  11. Ah the days of our forebears. How this nation must miss rickets, child labour, the Thames filled with invigorating sewage and the constant stimulation of avoiding plagues. Them wuz the days, eh Chesters? *Goes all misty-eyed and that...*
  12. Doesn't that make fishing a bit tricky, though? I've seen the web and I've seen a fair bit of the world, and take it from me, Chesters, the web isn't the world, mate. Not even with best monitor and sound system, like, ever. 'soon you will be dead if your lucky all that money and recollections will be remembered til the instant you die but it still will be a waste of money after you shuffle of this mortal coil' Erm...isn't everything that brings fond recollection therefore a waste of money? Should we not bother having good times, because they're no use after we're dead? The inha
  13. Or, as my extensive experience has shown me, they may not actually hate us at all? You are entitled to your views, Chester, but are you seriously suggesting that we should never go abroad and no one from overseas should visit us? Really? Blimey, that's a sad old state of affairs and no mistake. No marvelling at the northern lights after a day spent watching killer whales? No bobbing about in a Louisiana pirogue as the sun melts into the bayou, no Grand Canyon and the adjacent madness of Las Vegas, no Paris and the Louvre and absolutely no magnificent overseas memories to replay in my h
  14. Oh yes, I can't see that causing any grief, Ziggy. Well, some over-sensitive types may react with the odd baseball bat, but I'm sure the rest will take it in the right spirit.
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