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  1. Plenty B&B here Graham my mate dave has a nice hotel must make a date when we get a nice bit of weather leave your telegraph pole at home and invest in a nice light rod and some four or five inch shads.
  2. Graham would like a trip off with guys not sure about accomodation on there now for lad in a chair was ok when J B had it because i was on of the family.plenty of fish inside to keep me happy maybe you should have a go with me off Robin Hoods Bay then challenge can come and board us and check our catch LOL
  3. Hi there Charles hope you are both well,will be over your way on tenth of march me and a few mates coming to sample a few pints of the black stuff and nail a few pike will call in. Had a good day saturday 16 stone, would have done a lot better if we had not been worried by three seals they had a ball on last two lines could not get a fish over side,every fish had a bite out of it or just a head left on hook,had a couple of nice thorn backs. Away tomorrow just a small day taking D C to show him how to go on with a line he has just bought a bucaneer 16 with a licence nice little boat.
  4. We had a good few on rod and line while waiting for long lines to fish it was good fun. it should be a good weekend with smaller tides krysb so get at em nice bit of mussel and squid cant fail
  5. I must have hit two hot spots i had two lines set two miles appart and they both fished well , a mate of mine off whitby is doing better than us, as i see it the east coast is on big hot spot lets hope it continues
  6. That was me Krysb we found fish to be off a bit at back of ground edge there was a few fish on the inner hard ground but only small codling and strap ling.all good fish came out of broken ground at back of ground edge it would be worth having a go this weekend with tides easing, fish had a lot of velvet crab and still loads of pipe fish inside them.i picked a nice eight kilo halibut up in same place a week ago that was nice to see, that would have been a good scrap on a 12 lb maximus . will maybe see you this weekend if you get down this way tight lines.
  7. I was out off Robin Hoods Bay on saturday set four hundred hooks baited with plain old squid and had twenty stone of nice codling biggest around fifteen pounds fish is there and plenty of it. Saw big cod and malc out there.
  8. heard that one lad had ten codlings off bay wall one day last week and there has been one or two small bass down ness side one of the lads out of bay had a small net set down there and had some nice codling its clear down there at moment so you should be ok
  9. Nice fish paul we had a cracking day on friday Braimy and i just off bay some nice fish to biggest 16 lb but a lot in four to six bracket weather looks good for a good few days so hope to get out again need a boat without a licence orkney longliner anyone got one for sale .
  10. darlick


    Hi paddy w you may have not got a trip on chieftain but you managed a day on Phoebe, and what a fine day we had it was good to see you and glad we managed to get to sea and even better to catch some nice fish will be over your way next week so dont eat all those pepper smoked macs. regards Andy
  11. darlick

    Pink Fish

    Lumpsucker we get loads in nets they very rarely die in net nine times out of ten they go back alive they vairy a hell of a lot in colour a lot to do with the enviroment they live in usually found in among kelp and get a too fair old size.lump fish eggs are collected and eaten.they lay there eggs in the back of scars in holes close to low tide mark.there was a lot washed up after last storm they are not real strong swimmers and can get caught out by summer storms.
  12. Dont laugh to soon groyn bandit there maybe an insurance god.and the fisherman may return with longer deeper gill nets. Maybe is old ones were were a bit tatty full of seal holes past the sell by date. he would have known the weather was turning if it was good gear he would not leave it.
  13. Yes sea fine mr motorola water clearing nice,forecast not to bad for next few days bit wet wind mostly south west lots of codling and macs about. Challenge and i were out just before the northerly blow and had a good day plenty small codling between three and six pound the odd bigger fish among them avoid multiple rigs to get through macs i would go for five to six inch shad or single jigger to pluck the better fish out challenge had best fish on a five inch orange storm shad, good luck
  14. Paul wish i had a licence to fly one, then when the weather was bad i could shoot off to a warmer climate where the sun always shines and the water is clear blue. Just up off beach swell is droping nice breeze from west lets hope we get a spell of settled weather for next week or two. Any tips for your anglers for festival,
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