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  1. Your dressings should ALWAYS be slim, NEVER buy another Shipmans buzzer until you have had the rare and privileged opportunity to look at a real Shipmans buzzer, that means one from Daves Fly Box. He does give talks to various Guilds etc, seek him out and attend one of his lectures, THEN you can go fishing.
  2. I visited Colwick recently, as I pulled into the car park, and elderly Gentleman had just started to fish. I decided to have a quick chat with him, and before I reached him he had landed his first fish, he said he was happy to talk to me, and it transpired he was only 86 years old, and he had turned up to catch a couple of fish them he was off home. After about 15 mins fishing and one or two photos the Gentleman landed his second fish. He bid me good day and made his way back to the car park. I decided to stop and chat to some other Anglers on the adjacent bank, been ere for ours mate, nuffin doin. Think it's the wind, I concluded that this must be the wrong type of wind for them, I wished them well and bid them good day. Seems there is no substitute for experience. Cheers
  3. Please remember when you are tying mono full and half blood knots do use some floatant on the knot as you pull it up, otherwise pulling an unlubricated knot together will create friction which will destroy the molecular structure of the monofill, and the first fish you get, your precious tippet material will go PING, no fish, how sad, tough, will remember to lubricate knot next time.
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    Hi, I have been on Eyebrook for the past three days for various reasons, the water was warm but I did notice if the sin of motoring up your drift was committed, then immediately on turning to drift back down there would be a take, not always but it did happen more than once, in conclusion I would say that motoring back up with some speed on was oxygenating the water, and bringing the trout straight in front of you. Only a theory. Cheers.
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