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  1. ok, fair point it has a lot of memory, i'd noticed that, but, i do like the line (after a while of casting it sorts itself out) might take your recomendation for next year
  2. My opinion? I fly fished for most of my life and never spent a great deal of money on gear. It might be a false economy but I always bought cheaper lines and replace them every year, and often "out fish" people using much more expensive kit. I do have airflo lines for my heavy pike/rainbow gear which arent cheap and i'm happy enough with them, mjb you dont say what you have against them
  3. I think that on fly waters maggot was banned because ground baiting turns brownies into bottom feeders thus killing off the fly fishing, which is where the money is for the person controlling the water as for to easy, yeah, but, as stated before stockies will take anything including fag ends (really try it when a water is just stocked) so i dont know if easy comes into it
  4. my point wasn't that the question wa posed in the right or wrong place, my point was that on the fly forum the term "fluff chucker" might not be appreciated (not by me anyway) I have absolutely no objections to anyone giving thier point of view (if it's valid) on any forum but an obviously sarcastic/derogetory remark serves no purpose. I have been called a lot worse (you might have guessed) but still
  5. I didnt mean to have a go but i hate being called a fluff chucker I too am an all round angler (better with a fly though) I would throw a bait into a mucky puddle if it was the only fishing option. but to get back onto the topic, weather reports dont often seem to be very particular about wind speeds which can affect all types of fishing
  6. Hi all, regardless of what kind of fishing your doing, in scotland i think the best thing to get before you go fishing would probably be midge count and a reliable, detailed weather forecast your all going on about course fishing and talking about "fluff chuckers" isnt this the fly fishing forum?????????
  7. I use a 5wt 8' for brownies on a fairly large loch (trout up to about 6lb have been caught) I also have a 8-9wt for rainbows on large waters (also gonna try for pike one of these days)
  8. great to hear someone can enjoy fishing without killing half a dozen rainbows. I hope your next trip is blessed by a couple of nice brownies, and if not, always remember....... A bad days fishing is still better than a good day atyour work
  9. cobies

    Big Trout

    some of the bet fun i've had has been catching small trout from feeder burns that run to very large lochs
  10. cobies

    Big Trout

    when i caught my large brownie it was grown on for some years and it fought like a wild brown
  11. cobies

    cannus patter

    thanks for these reples i'll give 'em a try
  12. cobies

    Big Trout

    sure big trout can be fun If they are natural,strong fish. Many fisheries stock fat lazy fish that are as much fun to catch as a sack of potatoes. my largest rainbow trout is 18lb 12oz my largest brown trout is 3lb 11oz the rainbow was stocked probably that week the brownie was stocked probably 3-5 years ago both very large fish in thier own right but guess which I'm proudest of? on the other hand I've had stockies between 5-8lb that nearly pulled my arm off I guess what I'm trying to say is that "quality beats size everytime" (I hope)
  13. cobies

    cannus patter

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but not to fly fshing . My club water has seen some big changes in fly life overthe last couple of years (global warming? who knows!?) at the moment there are massive hatches of cannus, a very small white winged fly, My problem is that I cant match the hatch anyone have any idea about any patterns that I could try??? thanx, cobies
  14. Hi, new to the forum but not to fly fishin' try a delta+ airflow, cheep but nice action never let me down yet (had it for years)
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