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  1. alot of tackle shops open on Sunday, but just till up until about 12, or 1 Middlesex is a big place, whereabouts. Staines, Northern Surrey has tackle shops open on Sunday.
  2. er.. 'scuse my ignorance but what is a match rod? I've got a 12ft feeder rod, and want to get my kid a rod for fishing the Thames (mostly) with me. Is a match rod ok for this? 22quid seems nice n cheap
  3. Yeah get a Shimano reel. I am new, and had the same question, but the 2 shops I went to the guys advised me to get Front drag. I got a front drag, but I don't think it makes a huge difference, its more a personal preference thing. The Hyperloop Shimano gets an excellent review int he mag clipping i've got, but I got a Nexave which was 30 quid, the Hyperloop is like 17 quid? Don't pay more than 30 sheets, it probably aint worth it as begginer stage.
  4. Does anyone know any good fishing spots in Thurrock? Preferbly non pay (I've got my EA license) just wanna fish the Thames or council lake.
  5. If I cannot get to a river, how do I dispose of maggots in the proper way?
  6. Thanks. So much of fishing is common sense "after" someone explains it to you Cheers!
  7. I have been using size 16 on the Thames, and catch little fish. But, I am starting to think maybe I am hooking bigger fish that then pull off the hook and get away. I seem to "snag" when I pull my feeder in which I presumed to mean weeds, but the line came in pretty clean most of the time. Could it be bigger fish? I would have though the line would pull away from me if it was. And is 16 small for Thames fishing?
  8. Not sure if you asking, so that you can explain it to me, or whether you are asking for yourself *blush* I know that twisting it one way makes it harder to pull the line out before it "clicks" and the other makes it easier. The skill I guess is judging how tough to set it. I had it set to high initially and was stretching the line as I pulled some out to load the rod. Its why I lost 4 Drennan feeders on my first day out :-)
  9. I have the exact same reel. Shimano Nexave 2500 FA. Wondered what that little switch is on the bottom of the reel. Its to stop you backwinding eh? Why don't they put instructions in the box :-) [or perhaps they do, and someone robbed mine]
  10. Newbie question: The chap where I bought my rod and reel spoolled the line onto the reel for me. Now I've fished a few times, the line is only taking up half the reel, and from what I have read it should be to the edge (1mm off) right? So do I just "add" more line by tieing the line I have thats spare onto the reel and winding some more on? Or do I throw that lot out and wind on another fresh lot?
  11. Wow, that looks like a nice place to fish. 20 quid for a years permit too.
  12. Good tips all. :-) Long trousers in this weather? Mozzie milk and some of this Avon stuff will do the trick. I'm gonna look like im preparing to swim the channel, but if it allows me to fish bring it on
  13. Anyone got any tips on how to keep flies at bay? I am bitten to hell on the back of my legs from yesterdays evening session. Damn those pesky flying human eaters. :-)
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