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  1. Im only going off my two days of four to five hours and what others are saying, im a beginner so dont have much experience. I was generally looking to fish a few different spots around where i live. I honestly dont know how to get to the river severn from my area???? may sound daft i suppose to some.
  2. Hi all, Help needed please from any locals. I have been fishing at Himley Hall recently and all are saying its dead! i'm just starting out so put it down to that but after two days and only a couple of nibbles its not good. Everyone around me is saying how terrible it is atm so its peeing me off, i dont know if its me or the fish. So looking for a good venue close by thats well stocked to practice on etc. Some young chap who i spoke to at Himley said there is a place called north something which is down past Wombourne way just keep going, 14 pools hes always caugh there were his
  3. Hi i went fishing at Himley Hall in the west midlands right by wombourne and dudley. Worms would be fine i suppose, just never really appealed to me as i can use other non living bait. That probably sounds completely stupid coming from someone who enjoys fishing i know. Anyway. Thanks again. Steve
  4. Thanks Colin your reply came as i had submitted by the looks, Thats just what i did and i really enjoyed it. Just dont think i had enough time. I'm a firm believer that you learn from everything, and learn something new every day. Next time i go i will change position and hopefully go for a little longer. Thanks for all your help chaps. Steve
  5. Hi, The fish and thier welfair, wellbeing are paramount to my enjoyment. Yesterday when i went i made sure i perched myself next to two chatty anglers who assisted me on more than one occassion. I have been in countless Angling shops and spoken to countless other people about unhooking fish etc. I went on that website before, i could not find anyone even close to where i live. As to the bait i cannot stand Maggots, there i said it! i aint bothered. Everyone who i have spoken to say Sweetcorn and pellets, luncheon meat, bread etc is a very good bait for fishing. Honestly am i missing somet
  6. Bits and bobs learnt but teaching myself from advice and internet.
  7. Hi, Well i went fishing yesterday, used corn and some carp vader pellet thingys that really really smelt bad. My missus dropped me off and i got all set up, figured out how to use me plummet and then put me bait on. Got a little tangled figuring out the reel but soon realised how to do one thing and another. Cast out well and then sat back down. A bit windy so felt as though i needed a fleece which i forgot. On the phone to me missus and good as gold intow with my three year old she dropped off some bits for me. Another hour passes then my phone goes, she ranting off on about the kids pla
  8. Blake, That looked fantastic, to me thats what it would be all about, fishing with your dad. Great pictures!.
  9. Hello, was just wondering if there was ever any talk on a Fishing Channel on TV. Got a Golf Channel etc, aint Fishing supposed to be the most popular participant sport in Britain? Can you tell im watching every god damn program i can find on telly atm. Its doin my head in. problem is i find watching them so relaxing i end up falling asleep, like the Tour De France i could only ever watch the first half hour. Anyway just found another on Discovery real time Lake escapes, so bye for now
  10. Thanks all for the great advice! Chris i have mailed you asking for advice, specific. I will have about £80 to start with as i have chopped and changed my ideas and options. Again all thanks for your advice. I do have a friend who will come with me however his gear is at his mums , hes been married years and its one of those yeah il be there blah blah blah. Im not affraid to ask anyone for help so lets see what happens. Steve
  11. Hi again, thanks for reading, thanks to all who posted to my last post about the littlewoods lot. Its back to the drawing board as far as that lot is concerned, im still considering option and even though i have ordered i can always return. this lot caught my eye and the price is very cheap. I'm not daft enough to think that this is going to last a liftime but you think i will get some enjoyment out of it, buy a few bits here a few bits there? http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3254925.htm again thanks for any advice. Steve
  12. hi, that argoose £49 starter thingy looks pretty good????? got a m8 who got a load of stuff so he will point me in the right direction. Its weird really the other day i was sure i didnt know anyone who fished and within 4-5 day...how many people fish who i know...anyway views ont argos starter bits anyone? I have ordered the 13ft waggler rod and reel combo i think its a fairly safe bet lets see what else i need now................
  13. Hi Andy, thanks for your reply, so the 13' Map rod and reel spare spool etc is ok for float fishing in ponds and lakes etc etc. Hope so because i will also look in argos as i work by one. I suppose i'm just wanting to get something ordered so i know its coming i can then ask what people would recommend next to buy ie what hooks floats. them things that do the depth blah blah blah
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