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  1. Elton can you get in touch please alancharltonsea@blueyonder.co.uk
  2. It would have been if the NFSAS Northern Federation of Sea Angling Socities, which i am a member and on who's behalf I contacted DEFRA and CEFAS about the survey, and to see what was going on, the e mail was their reply. I have assurances that this means all angling bodies, I also have been given an assurance that the survey will have nothing to do with bait collecting. I would like to put you all right on one matter the AT only dropped out of the last survey process, simply because it wasn't going on then, the NFSAS had already advised their members, the area where the survey was mainly go
  3. not long been back from Peurto Del carmen, did not have agreat deal of time to go fishing, but was able to get out for a few hours every other day, below is a little post i made on NESA after one of the lads asked me how i got on. hols not very good, the weather was down to 17 degrees at times, mind that was 7 o'clock in the morning, most of the time it was only 27 to 30 degrees. And the pool well the water was freezing must have been at least 25 degrees. Fishing not so good, mullett tended to be small with only one of 4lb giving a decent meal for two. And the bream, well the majority of
  4. just had a useful tip from salinitysam of WSF, if you can use sea water for washing your fish in if you can as the chlorine in the tap water can damage the fish. That is why i use running water, do not leave your fish lying in tap water, and also i ommitted that you should dry your filletts thoroughly. No doubt there will be other little things that will crop up which will help. Any other hints tips will be appreciated.
  5. cheers look forward to seeing them, i used to leave the belly flap on, but as i used to do a lot of fishing over the West Coast, Luce Bay, Port Patrick area i found the belly flaps made a nice sized shaped bait for casting, so i started taking them with the fillett and then froze them. I can see why they are left on for pot bait, suppose like anything else horses for courses. But still like to see how chrles does it.
  6. cheers Newt, bet those who try it get a few suprises, i certainly did. Seaside, cheers mate, nice to see you are getting your son started at an early age darlick, who mention a lad called charles showing you how to fillett mackerel, dont know if you saw the way i do them at the end of the cod vid, would be very interested in seeing/or if you could explain how charles does them. Below are the few hints and tips i posted that you all should have read before the vid, would be interested in your views on some of the points mentioned, such as knives etc A few hints and tips that mig
  7. Hi all the video, why i did it, who it was for and the pitfalls i found doing it which might help others to do one. Firstly i can tell my some of the points raised not only on this site but others you have not read the spiel that went before the video and some have not listened to what i was saying during the commentary. Being self critical the only thing i wish i had done differently is that i should have used a gutted cod, i only gut this way with very fresh fish, before the guts have had a chance to taint the belly flaps. and maybe showed what i do with the belly flaps, although we al
  8. cheers chappers, had a look and answered some of the points they raised. Not wanting to create another fuss, they did make the same points as raised on here but in a slightly more pleasant manner. Think the problem lay in the fact that most where directed straight to the vids and did not get to read the spiel before it.
  9. chappers just popped over to world sea fishing, cant see it anywhere, can you point me in the right direction as to where on the site it is. Cheers mate.
  10. na sweat colinw, we all jump the gun at times, at least you are man enough to admit your mistake. Vid was only to show novices really with a bit extra to show what i did for the kids, i dont really fillett at that speed, it was hard to slow down and there where other pitfalls, if i get time i will give a little insight which might help others if they are thinking of doing a vid, and maybe if somebody already has done one, can give some tips as well, as this was my first attempt, other than home vids, which are no hastle. Chappers it was really only a couple on this site that made deregatory re
  11. Obvioulsy the equipment chieftan has or her and someone like challenge willing to gut the fish for the lads is ideal, especially on her long trips. i ahve found fish kept cold, and i mean will last a suprisingly long time. Just think how far trawlers used to go for days on end and only have ice to cover the fish with. Obviously a freezer is not available to all, so i will share what i do with others. Not doubt we have all learned a harsh lesson early in our fishing life, especially at sea when you wanted to show your prize catch off and kept it hole lying in the sun with its guts in, the flesh
  12. Haversacking a north east term for the art of jumping, by a fishless angler,into another anglers place when he has gone to unhook another fish
  13. cheers CJS2 hic Neil dont worry i can take any flack sent my way. At least they know now that as well as taking it i can give it, but dont think it will happen again. But nice of you to care. Would be nice to see or even hear how others prep their fish, we can all learn from each other, we all do everything differently.
  14. cheers Brian that is exactly who the vid was meant for. I see my secrets out, the name "hairy beast" was bestowed upon me by one of the north easts top anglers many, many years ago. Mind my hair and beard where a lot longer then. Aound xmas time the kids called me santa which i didnt mind. But when the grandchildren where watching the tele, both in different houses, and a picture of Saddam Hussien came up just after his capture they both shouted, GRAMPS is on the tele. I was not amused
  15. Hi CJS2 lets stop the bickering getting a bit boring mate. its the age you know you get a litle confused when reading posts, especially when so many e mails, pms etc flying in as well, mainly thankyou ones from those who have difficulty in filleting, but sadly frightened to post. As for filletting i now generally fillett all my fish regardless of size, the same way, that is round fish including ling (which i also skin and bone, hopefully i will get a ling and hopefully do another vid) , i leave the belly flap on, wether they are gutted or not, and later if sufficient meat on them i will
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