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Found 15 results

  1. Shrimp fishing in the river (Regional Penepat West Kalimantan) Fishing Udang Galah in Penepat dated November 6, 2016 Penepat area located in District Ambawang, Kubu Raya and to reach the site about - about it takes approximately 1 hour from the city of Pontianak. Street location is a bit difficult because it is a walkway made of cement road conditions almost 50% broken and part of the road is still a dirt road. Sampan fleet Sampan fleet in Penepat Area penepat there are approximately 10 canoes that can be used for fishing. Average - Average canoe condition of 80% and there is one
  2. Dear friends, Let me introduce a new bait boat, which is designed and manufactured in Europe by engineers. Panama is registered brand of bait boat providing high quality in this field. The boat is developed for boilies and pellets, but also useable other type baits. Fishfinders, and Panama Autopilot system also available for bait boats. Waiting for your questions and opinion of our product. Please have a look at our website: www.bestbaitboat.co.uk http://bestbaitboat.co.uk regards Panama Team
  3. Hey guys, obviously new to this forum so dont be too hard on me!! But wanted to pick your brains and expertise herejust seen Solar stating they are looking for new fieldtesters on their webpagedoes anyone know anything about this or applied etc?
  4. Hi, I'm in need of a frame and a 4inch euro base for a brilo box. Cane be collected from most places northern. Danny
  5. Hi all, as the title suggests I'm looking to get into fishing but after a few days of looking at what to buy I'm still none the wiser. I live in Worcester right next to a good stretch of the river Severn, so for the location I'm sorted. It's fast flowing, narrow in parts and at the moment it's quite low. People have suggested float fishing to start with but I thought that was hard to do on fast moving stretches of water? I very much like the sound of feeder fishing so I've been looking at those types of rods. This is a rod that I've come across quite a bit. Am I right in thinking that f
  6. Hi people, Looking for some advice on which pole to buy. I've not fished for about 4 years and the last pole I had was a Shimano Nexave AX 12.5??, in my memory this was a decent pole but I imagine the tech has come along way since. Anyway, my budget is £150-200 and it will be mainly used for canal fishing but with the occasional commercial outing so I need the choice to be able to go heavier if needs be. Basically an all-rounder type. The only thing I've seen so far is the Diawa XR1 which goes for around £170ish. Are there any other poles around that price worth looking at? I'
  7. What are people's opinion on different types of bait? Which do you find more effective and why? I'm interested to see what people choose.
  8. Hi guys i have recently completed my triple diploma in fishery management and got the top grade, im looking for a job that is within my skill set; which is basically anything from running / maintaining fisheries, to fixing water pollution and disease and anything such as restoration on venues, electro fishing, seine netting, fry rehabilitation... you name it and i know how to to it because of the experience i gained from my course. I am a person who is willing to give anything a go and give it 110% but i just need somewhere to start, any info would be much appreciated.
  9. Hi all I am thinking of going to turners pool in near Macclesfield just wondering does any know what sort of fish are in there and what tackle and bait to use Thanks
  10. Hi everyone I'm a lifelong fisherman (74 yrs old) and also a writer. I published an eBook, earlier this year called 'SOMETHING FISHY', The book is getting really great reviews and Amazon are running a promotion on it this week. So, for two days only, you will be able to download it for FREE, on 21st and 22nd August. The Amazon book description is: "This is an hilarious comedy, 'Something Fishy' tells the story of five men who become kids again when they embark on a weekend fishing trip to the west coast of Ireland. There is lots of fishing done, but there are plots and counter plots durin
  11. I am a sea angler living in Brixham. I have a small flat available for weekend use for anyone who wishes to have a bolt-hole in walking distance from the town and harbour. http://thecuddybrixham.blogspot.co.uk
  12. Hey guys, We're creating a smartphone app to facilitate the purchase of fishing licence. would Are there any features you would like on our app? Such as: fishing hot spots, Reviews, Weather, Shops.
  13. Hi all i caught this funny coloured Roach the other day and was just wondering your opinion, is it a hybrid of some sort? or just a very yellow Roach? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. hi im a young fisherman im looking for the art of fishing binders for my father there are six folders im hoping that if anyone see's this post and owns them can email me at [email protected] i am willing to pay for the products in a pricerange to £40 and i will pay for p&p thank you- jack
  15. Ebay item # 270830358536 2 Days Halibut fishing, 1 day Salmon river fishing, 1 day flyout to fish with the bears. 6 nights lodging in your own log cabin.
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