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Pick your fish to introduce to the UK.

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No seriousness in this thread, but out of all the fish in the world, regardless of saltwater or freshwater, and climate etc...

Which fish would you most like to introduce to you local lake/river?


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Great white shark   That'll be a nice surprise for the people who keep throwing sticks in the lake for their dogs with no regard at all for the anglers on there.  

real crucian ,why arn't suppliers committing an offence calling brown goldfish crucian ,if i sold anything that wasent true then i would be up before the beak like everyone else but its excepted pract

See http://www.maggotdrowning.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=181408

The Bass family from the US OF A .

I really like the small American baitcasting rods and i envy the yanks being able to lure fish for bass.

I like fishing small lures for Perch and pike but would love to catch the hard fighting bass too.

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I was always fascinated by a fish, in my 'Freshwater fishes of Britain and Europe', called the Asp: looks like a chub, grows a lot bigger, eats fish, frogs, ducklings etc. I expect that, now so many people do go fishing on the continent, somebody on this forum may have caught one...?

You meet all kinds of animal on the riverbank.

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I think some clownfish would be good. The kids could then go home and say they caught Nemo !



"If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving isn't for you"

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