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Pick your fish to introduce to the UK.

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Tarpon. Have fond memories of catching them from a balcony :)

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Great white shark   That'll be a nice surprise for the people who keep throwing sticks in the lake for their dogs with no regard at all for the anglers on there.  

real crucian ,why arn't suppliers committing an offence calling brown goldfish crucian ,if i sold anything that wasent true then i would be up before the beak like everyone else but its excepted pract

See http://www.maggotdrowning.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=181408



The Bass family from the US OF A .

I really like the small American baitcasting rods and i envy the yanks being able to lure fish for bass.

I like fishing small lures for Perch and pike but would love to catch the hard fighting bass too.

I used to enjoy catching smallmouth bass. They fight very hard and leap from the water a lot, much more than their largemouth cousins. Just like steelhead.


I'd like to have bonefish here. I understand they're fun to catch.

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Steve Randles:

Sturgeon, can you imagine trolling the Thames and catching a couple of 400lb'ers in a day...    

I have seen photographs of a 186pounder caught in the Great Ouse in Huntingdonshire! The father of a guy I used to know caught it.



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I must admit that I did get excited when I heard of some striped bass being caught over on the German side of the North Sea around 3 years ago - Nothing since though :(


(Striper are a coastal fish, but happy to colonise freshwater, growing to over 60lb and fast)


Tiger Muskies, a barren hybrid of Muskie and Pike would also make lure fishing quite interesting.


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tiger fish...love those teeth

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Peter Waller:

I wouldn't mind seeing a return of fish that we have lost from our local river, like dace and rudd. A few barbel wouldn't go amiss either.


The US Muskie holds a certain appeal! That would upset Mr Collins!



I was down the Waveney the other week.

Trouble was it was the Waveney hotel Bar in Felixstowe.

I will return to the Waveney (river) at Beccles some time in novenmber/december when the boats and weed have gone!



Different floats for different folks!


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