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As some of you know, I live in Michigan and fish Lake Michigan often for trout and salmon. Lamprey invaded the Great Lakes when the St. Lawrnce Seaway was opened, and unless steps are taken to keep them in check - treating streams with lampricides - they will multiply and kill all the fish, as they have no natural enemies besides man.


Apparently one northern lake Michigan stream was missed this past year, because lamprey numbers have exploded. I've seen many fish with lamprey scars this year, and have boated several that didn't let go of their host quickly enough. When they do let go they look like snakes, slithering and sucking at the boat bottom.


Here's one that was sucking on a 12 lb. king salmon ten days ago:


Posted Image


Here's where it ended up:


Posted Image

Be good and you will be lonely.
~ Mark Twain

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Use them for Pike deadbaiting.

Wasn't it King Henry I who died of eating a surfeit of Lampreys.

And finally a Lamprey recipe:






Lamprey Blood

Vegetables:Onions, Carrots,Leeks


Garlic & Bouquet Garni

Red Wine




Bleed Lamprey and keep blood aside to flavour sauce.

Scald fish and remove skin

Line a buttered pan with the vegetables, garlic and bouquet garni.

Add lamprey and enough red wine to cover fish, boil for 12 minutes.

Cook slices of leek with bacon in a buttered pan.

Drain lamprey and add to pan alternating with the leek.

Make a roux and moisten it with lamprey juices, pour back over fish.

Simmer gently until fish is cooked

Arrange fish and vegetables on a dish.

Add the reserved blood to the sauce and pour over dish

Serve with fried bread


I tell you the French will eat owt.




After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead.



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You forgot to add the following though??

"Chuck away the bloody lamprey and enjoy!!??" :D

Chris Goddard

It is to be observed that 'angling' is the name given to fishing by people who can't fish.

If GOD had NOT meant us to go fishing, WHY did he give us arms then??

(If you can't help out someone in need then don't bother my old Dad always said! My grandma put it a LITTLE more, well different! It's like peeing yourself in a black pair of pants she said! It gives you a LOVELY warm feeling but no-one really notices!))

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King Henry VIII's favourite snack was lampreys. Ever tried one?

Ummm, no. There are certain items I will not put in my mouth, and that is one of them.

Be good and you will be lonely.
~ Mark Twain

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I have eaten Lamprey, and have to say its is fantastic.

I had it in Latvia were it is somewhat of a delicacy.

It is smoked and jellied, you buy it in the markets were they keep it in what we would call washing up bowls

It is layered and covered in jelly.


As with most things, people would not eat it if it did not taste good; it’s just what your used too.


I would eat it again if I could buy it in this country.

Jasper Carrot On birmingham city

" You lose some you draw some"

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Lampreys .... they will multiply and kill all the fish, as they have no natural enemies besides man.


Booger ... where do we start here?


Well, I'm sick of this too.


Bloody primitive invertebrates running the economies!?


Mad fish parasites eating our beloved salmons!!! :yucky:


Some regulation of you recreational anglers and your basturd quarry must surely ensue.


I'm gonna write to that nice Mr Borg and ask for all rivers to be de-lampreyed forthwith.


I left the States and Ottawa when I saw this coming ....


encysted metacercariae larval stage of the yellow grub (Clinostomum) parasite in smallmouth bass. (Dirty foreign basturds!) The encysted, yellow to yellowish white worm can be up to 1/4 inch in length. It can be found in virtually all species of North American freshwater fish.


Oh my God!


Everything went t*ts up when we stopped using DDT .... we should have polished off those bruddy Polar Bears once and forever!


Kerosene on lakes and ponds will soon see off the mossies, too.


Viva la revolution ....


and Save our Soles ...




you might larf, but this is jerst the beginnin'!!!!



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