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Strangest catch

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I was flyfishing for sea trout in a river in the town of Norrtalje in Sweden when I caught a 100 Swedish krona bank note. Hooked perfectly in the corner.

Paid for a couple of beers after.

True Story :D

Jasper Carrot On birmingham city

" You lose some you draw some"

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JRHartley - some hilarious stories. Still chuckling now!!


I remember my brother catching himself. We were fishing the Trent and for some reason he decided to hold his hook between his lips while he sorted out some other tackle. When he came to retrieve it he'd hooked himself, barbed as well! My declaration that a trip to the hospital was in order soon proved to be premature as he ripped it out.


Come to think of it he always seemed to get the bad luck when fishing, which is probably why I'm struggling to persuade him to take it back up with me and our dad. I remember one morning after a night fishing stint he went to sit down with his legs dangling over the local canal and fell in. I don't know what was funnier, that or the state of his white trousers when he finally hauled himself out!





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Fly fishing at night in Australia in the Snowy mountains I caught a Platypus - Thankfully my host a native Australian quickly pointed out that it was highly venemous and should not be picked up! Luckily I was fishing barbless and was able to unhook it in the bottom of the net with a pair of long nose pliers and carefully return it. It took a size 10 long shank ACE OF SPADES fished on a slow sinker should anyone visit Oz and want to give it a go !

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