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Another Way To Help AN

Guest Elton

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Guest Elton

Sorry to bang on about money this weekend, but I'm spending a few hours doing what I should have done ages ago - finding ways to fund this site.


The ANMC is one way, and another way is affiliate programmes....not commission based ones, as I don't want people spending money that they don't want to spend, but ones that only cost a bit of online time. One such system is Ask Jeeves - basically, I get 2p per question asked through this page:



2p doesn't sound a lot, but if you're on Surftime and have quite a few questions to ask, and there are a few of you doing it, it could earn a fair bit Posted Image


I'll give a few ideas a trial over the next few weeks, pick the best ones and then concentrate on what I enjoy - building Anglers' Net.


Thanks for all your support, everyone. I'm on a real buzz this weekend because of it Posted Image


Don't forget to bookmark http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/ask.htm


Tight lines,



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