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greg long

Rutland; any tips for september?

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greg long:

I'm looking for information on methods and flies for fishing on Rutland water in early September. Any Rutland regulars out there?   :confused:

Hi Greg,

Fry patterns such as Deerhair fry and Minkies also plastazote fry. Drys should still be working, plus all the usuals GRHE, Diawl Bach, Pheasent Tails etc. Obvious places would be Tim Appletons, Generator, Dickensons, Barn Hill Creek, Armley Wood no wading area to Carrot Creek, Whitwell, Barnsdale, Sykes Lane, Stockie Bay, East Creek, Sailing Club, Berrybutts, Green Bank, Yellowstone to Inmans spinney. The secret is perhaps to be very mobile. Try the Floating Fry near to weedbeds, if not response in 30 minutes consider a move.


Good Luck,


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