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bubble float loch fishing for brown trout

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Seen it work well for small loch trout. Looks easy maybe that is why it is banned.

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:offtopic: I can see some interesting coarse fishing adaptations for this method, similar to a carp angler's beachcaster rig (without the anchor lead). "Dapping" a natural, like a grasshopper, for example, or maybe an air-injected lobbie, but on the move rather than a static method. Hmm...

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Washing line method with a bubble float works well. I always use the very small bubble floats due to the fact that most brownies from any waters around here are very small. But i still enjoy the rush you get when you see that float bobble around on the surface.


Though fishing from the top isnt always going to work if the fish are low, how ever a decent weight at the end of your line with 2 - 3 boobys, or suspender buzzers is another great method.


Hope you give them a go, not by the book but catchies fish. And always worth checking whats aloud and whats not.

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Having fished in the rivers of Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, small bubblefloats are part of the standard rig for most flyfishermen and recommended by guides. I tried it on tailwaters, trotting down a team of nymphs. a bit like trotting a stick float. I saw large bubble floats used to cast a "washing line" with the bubble at the end on a lake, but they were using 6 ft rods and fixed spool reels.

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