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Corydoras, perhaps we do catch juvenile ferox and just dont recognise them as such. I can only think of loch awe from the big ferox waters that gets fished seriously for trout, I know there are others butI,m talking about the main lochs. Bruce do you consider the big trout in the Durness limestone lochs as ferox??

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No, Jim, I don't, same for the likes of Loch Heilen in Caithness, West Loch Ollay on South Uist and Loch Bea on the Island of Sanday in Orkney, and others.


My principal reason for saying so has to do with the availability of food in these waters, which is plentiful, and the absence of charr, a primary prey species for ferox trout.


As a matter of interest, a previous British Record charr came from Loch Borralie, another of the Durness limestone waters (a fish of, if I remember correctly about 1lb 12oz).


There were reports a few years ago from Irish fisheries scientists carrying out an underwater survey on Borralie of seeing trout of enormous size. The loch is over 100ft deep.


I tend to think that these fish are probably ferox.


I agree with you that we probably do catch juvenile ferox, but are not aware of doing so. It would be almost impossible to tell, surely?


Finally, I suggest that the 3lb + charr being caught in the Inverness-shire Garry system is as a result of additional food being found by them in the vicinity of fish farm cages?



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I know that fish were moved around the limestone lochs in the past, fish were put into lanish from borralie , this must have been one of the first "put and take " fisheries in britain. The size of trout that came out of such a small water is incredable. I think most of the biggest fish came to bait or spinning lures, the use of set lines at night were not unknown in the north of Scotland. Many of the big trout from veyatie ,con et all came on set lines although no admits it. Ive read reports of big fish from loch fion that were taken by such means. Ive fished the durness waters in the past and have been out in the early hours and seen the char being taken from just beneath the surface. Ive also had my fish finder running and seen the shoals of char and their sheep dogs in attendence . There are some big fish in that loch. The caithness lochs are super but of a different nature to the sutherland ones. Ive yet to see a fish from heilan, but I believe I,m not the first and wont be the last!!but they are all basically shallow, I think loch calder has the chance of a ferox but thats about it, big trout in the others but nothing huge (10lb plus) Ive got colonel thorntons book back and his tour was around 1786 and he was catching pike all around speyside in those days, so they,ve been in residence since then! Will pm you with more details later.

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