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Windermere Ferox

Guest franticfisherman2

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Guest PhilB

Went char fishing on Windermere yesterday with my bruv. We only hooked 2 and landed one of them which we put back. We were pretty cheesed off by 3.30pm but then something big took his char spinner. It was eventually landed, weighed, photographed and returned - our biggest Windermere trout caught by accident was 12 lb.....what a fish! :D

God, he's jammy, my brother :mad:



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Excellent fish Phil,well done



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





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Absolute Beauty Frantic; are they like that at Higham Lake?



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An absolutely terrific fish :cool: :cool:



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A fantastic beast, excellent condition and colouration.


Well done for returning it.

Andrew Boyd

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Lovely fish Phil,lucky buggers.Fished Lochy last week 3 days biggest was 2.5 lbs.Caught an eel trolling as well.Just back from holiday so have not done any posting for a few weeks.Heard you have bit the bullet dont know if congratulations or comiserations are the order of the day but good luck anyway.Well done you silly bugger :D:D:D .Didnt know that your wife fished but apparently she put an article in trout and salmon last week saying she had landed a whopper in the windermere area apparently it was an old trout :D:D:D All the best Phil speak to you soon.

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