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Unbelivable Ebay numpties

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I cannot belive some people are so stupid or so lazy as to not do their home work :


Trakker Big Z sleeping bag 39.99 free delivered



Trakker big z bag/bedchair cover 29.99 free delivered - england angling


Both toghether in a deal for 62.99 free delivered.





Item 7153730462 Big Z sleeping bag 2nd hand (maybe 3rd) SOLD FOR 40.02 + 8quid postage

48.02 (39.99new as above)


Item 7153734386 Big z cover 2nd hand sold for 41.00 + 7.50 postage = 48.50 (29.99new as above)


Unbelivable - some people are beyong hope OR help it would seem.



I try and check as many prices as possible when buying off ebay or new (as those who have read my sleeping bag and jrc stealth brolly will know!!!!!!).

At the moment Englandangling seem to be doing the best deals on everything they stock.


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Different floats for different folks!


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y'see it all the time. I payed just over £50 (inc p&p) for a new colemans double duel fuel burner from Towsure recently and I'll garauntee if you go on ebay now there'll be 2nd hand tatty ones going for more than that, I know there was at the time I bought mine.

One good reason to do something is better than a thousand bad excuses not to.

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Loads of numpties on e-bay I had my eye on something still 7 days togo so no bidding til the last minute. The starting bid was 4.99 so 5 days togo and some numpty puts on a bid of £30 for a first bid! muppets

I'm back is fishing like riding a bike? you never forget how?

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they are muppets!!! i just listed a Brilo seat box!!! £150 worth...didnt sell for £75 !!!!!!!!

Here fishy fishy.......


140 hours of blanking at Carcus!! 2 carp runs and countless bream .


Anyone wanna chat about fishing and help a keen begginer - msn messanger - craynerd@hotmail.com

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It seems they are addicted to the bidding and not really after the products sometimes or they are dellusional in the fact that every single item on ebay is a bargain!! I can never understand it myself.


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put a named brand like nash,solar,daiwa,fox,delkim on ebay and there will always be some fool willing to pay over the top for it.

i put a jrc sti bivvy on there last year 3 months old


199 quid for it brand new from danson angling it went for £197 + £15 p&p "NUFF SAID"

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This isn't to do with numpties on ebay, i just thought i would tell you about a great deal i had on ebay.

I bought 3 spools of brand new Fox snare braid (RRP £6.99 a spool) for £6.99 + £1.50 p&p. I bought it on thursday evening and recieved it today now thats great service. :)

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