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JRC stealth brolly plus

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i just came online to type this same post, as i fancy a brolly. But after reading the thread, i cant seem to find where the general concensus lies, which brolly are youy recommending quality/£ wise?

Here fishy fishy.......


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depends what you want it for.

I know from other threads that you have an sti bivvie.

Do you just need a shelter for carp day sessions?

If so the new JRC sti dave lane brolly is ideal.

Something a bit cheaper is the normal stealth brolly which is ok (I set up the one I was sent in error the other night).

The full stealth system is a brilliant piece of kit and at 99.99 you wont get anything cheaper.

Since Wordbenders stealth brolly review the system has been further improved and is now made with 5000 type as opposed to 3000 type material (something to do with amount of prerssure needed for water to get through fabric).


I have had trouble getting my full stealth brolly due to zealous tackle dealers pretending to have them when the new models only arrived into the uk in the last few days.


Most shops will have them in stock next week but most also have big orders for them and are not expecting them to be on the shelves for long.


The best deals for all shelters at the moment are at england angling and they will beat any you find cheaper and offer free postage.



Different floats for different folks!


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