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Big fish off the top.

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I was having a chat with Chris the other night about goals for the season (see other thread) and we would both like to bag a twenty this year. Thing is however i realy enjoy fishing on the surface, nothing quite beats stalking the margins and watching your bait being slurped down before all hell breaks loose :D:D

Anyway Chris suggested that the bigger fish (up to about 27lb in the waters we fish) never seem to make an appearance up top. Would people agree that the larger fish are a bit more timid and stay deep or is it just a matter of being inthe right place at the right time to get them off the top?

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i have never caught a fish of the top yet, as i didnt start carping until december, but from what i`ve heard ""matter of being inthe right place at the right time"" I have spoke to a few people now who have had big big fish of the top!


Does also seem that the bigger fish stay deeper BUT as i say does look like you can hook them off the top!

Here fishy fishy.......


140 hours of blanking at Carcus!! 2 carp runs and countless bream .


Anyone wanna chat about fishing and help a keen begginer - msn messanger - craynerd@hotmail.com

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I have had a 31lb common off the surface using foam and mixers glued to the back of a size 10 hook and believe me its an experience you wont forget


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Bigger fish tend to be older and more wary.

They still come to the top but tend to have seen it all before.


My best off the top is an 18lb ghostie caught a few feet from the bank next to a lillie bed.

No line touched the surface which meant the fish must have thought the mixer was a freebie.

In the past the same fish had avoided floating hookbaits like the plague.



Different floats for different folks!


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My PB is 21lb, this was a lovely mirror off the top in a water where all the regulars emphatically claim that fish are never taken with floating baits !!! It was a pleasure to prove them all wrong.... and to catch a 20...

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Stealth, that's the trick to top fishing.

Creep into position, if you can dangle the bait from the rod tip into the margin (no line on surface), put out a FEW freebies, OPEN YOUR BAIL ARM (or freespool), keep low & quiet and wait, it will happen and be prepared for a right tussel.

Not for those with a weak ticker!

Jealousy: totally irrational anger directed at people who happen to be richer, prettier, thinner, cleverer and more successful than you are.
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