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The Great Red Mist, is it just a pike thing?

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50 lb braid suits me for many uses including heavy lures and any as don't like it can take a long walk off a short pier. :D :D



Quite... I use 65lb 'powerpro' on what I call my 'heavy' lure rod, 30lb on my 'lightweight' and carry a spool loaded with 20 and one of 30lb for the fixed spool reel for use on my spinning rod. One of the variables which determines line strength is the amount of rocks in most of the water we fish. On some venues the last few yards need to be cut off more than once a session.

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Never got on with the baitsticks but think that was more to do with my incompetence with a multiplier than the rod. To be honest my accuracy isn't too bad using my patented 'underarm lob' when the swim is tight and my fave method for inaccessable spots is drifting a plug down but regardless, the rod is mainly used for live and deadbaiting the majority of the time. I don't think I have the knack for lure fishing! Fish mainly on rivers, have actually never fished for pike on a lake. Not many rocks on the broads but I do check my braid regularly for wear. Just seems to fluff up a bit from ring wear but BS remains.

Feeling much better about my set-up now, thanks.


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Kayak Captures- 14 Pike, 1 Perch.


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