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Top Pike lures for winter

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I hope nobody gets mad at me for posting a few times on the same theme.


I would like to know what everyones opinion is on pike lures for this time of year.


I only have a small selection of lures at the moment and I definitely want to avoid going out and buying lures which I will never use.


This lure thing is addictive!


So far I have:


1) Rapala ThinFin (firetiger and perch)

2) Storm 6" Wildeye shad in perch

3) Zebco 8" rattler shallow diver in firetiger

4) Minnow spoon in copper/bronze

5) Shakespeare Big S in silver/black

6) Mepps Aglia (Mega) No.7 in Firetiger

7) Abu tobu in perch 5"

8) Abu Hammer in silver and blue

9) Abu Uto in green/yellow


Is this a decent selection, any recommendations?


My next purchase is to be a cotton cordell rattlin' redfin. By all accounts an amazing lure although a bit light.

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Big lures fished slow and deep on the principal that fish wont move quickly and use energy unless its a good mouthful. Deep because thats where I expect to find them most of the time. Big spoons and big soft plastics (bulldawgs, super sandras and kalins) suit me, although I confess to enjoying wobbled deadbaits at this time of year.

'I've got a mind like a steel wassitsname'

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Big solid spoons are becoming hard to find. The Masterline Mr Muskie spoons are big but light gauge and that makes them less than aerodynamic in a breeze. The copper ones are becoming favourites though and I'm glad I have them. Andy Bellenie at LureShack sent me some big Gator spoons. These are heavy, cast and sink well on a medium jerkbait rig and have a nice slow speed roll to them. I promised myself this winter to spend some time making some big old fashioned copper Vincent spoons too. Bulldawgs/Super Sandras ? Choose the fast sinkers over the slow sinkers for winter particularly if you fish rivers. The springdawgs seem to do as well for me as their larger cousins. Not fussy about colour.

'I've got a mind like a steel wassitsname'

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Best chance of finding all of these lures in one place is either


http://www.luremania.co.uk or http://www.lureshack.co.uk


Cheaper too.


Also to support this site take a look at http://www.tacklebargain.com You wont find all of the lures you need at tacklebargains but the bulldawg clones are very good value for money.

'I've got a mind like a steel wassitsname'

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You are more than welcome to post on pike & lure fishing till the cows come home, after all, you are talking real angling !!!


Best winter lures depends a bit on where you are fishing.


At this time of the year I move onto the rivers of the Norfolk Broads. If I could only have two lures it would be a soft bodied shad, you just can't beat a good shad. The other would be a chrome Shakespeare Big S!! Seriously unfashionable and totally underated but a great snack sized lure. The Ryobi Mugger is similar. I have had good fish on both and am totally confident in either. A bottom digging deep diver is also worth having so that makes three!


[ 23. November 2004, 06:46 PM: Message edited by: Peter Waller ]

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Kussumo Proffesor or Arboghast Doctor in various sizes and colours.

ABU Atom in the largest size

Any large (5"+) Copper Spoon.

ABU Toby in BGL colour and once again as big as possible.

LANDA Pikko 35gm.



Bulldawgs in various sizes.

Super Sandras in large sizes.

Any make of Mag Grub in 6" or more



Suick Thriller 7" as a starter in a nice easy to see colour so you can learn to work it properly!

Shallow invader.

Squirilly Burt.

Ace Hell Tail

Grandmas in various sizes.



Poes Jackpot,a great "Dog" style lure once again buy big!

Arboghast Muskie Jitterbug



Creek Chub Pikie in 6" solid.



Buchertail Depth Raiders 7"

Bagleys Bang-o B 6"



Cobbs Count Down 8"

Fox Bullnose 8" (The only one of the full size Fox baits Ive found to work properly straight from the packet!)

Dolphin 8"

Windells Muskie Hunter



Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon

ABU Flamingo Giller

Mepps Timber Doodle (it only comes in small Bass sizes but with the split rubber tail it really is weedless and has caught me some big fish.



Always make my own so cant reccomend a make but have some in a variety of sizes.Unlike spoons and plugs where I prefer baits in the 5-8" size I have found the medium sized spinnerbaits to out fish the real big ones.Anyone who doubts this look at the Llangdedford results!


Ive got literally thousands of lures but if I only had the ones listed above I would be quite happy.Secret is to start with just a few and learn to work them properly! Some are much easier to use than others,a Bull Dawg for example is a lot easier than a Suick Thriller.


If I could only use one? then I would have to plump for a large Copper spoon! a toss up between a Pikko and a Doctor me thinks.Or maybe a big rubber!God it would be a hard choice! Hope I never have to make it!

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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