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Has anyone used these trace wires?

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Dont know the brand but it reminds me of the french Cannelle wire that is popular with pike fly fishermen, the description being similar, knottable, kink resistant etc. Perhaps its a Drennan badge engineered version. Certainly looks worthy of a chuck or too.

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Yep, I have used both in the past, they in my opinion have been superseded by the one I now use, and one I can thoroughly recommend, soft so soft and supple you can really knot it, low diameter 28lb 0.27mm, coated but not by a thick green plastic, ideal for lures too, bit more expensive but well worth it.




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The green has proved excellent for pike fly fishing for which I bought it. Also for traces when perch fishing. The stuff I use is only 10lbs but has not let me down yet.


The soft is okay, bit prone to minor pigs tails though. I'm confident in it but wouldn't buy it again.

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I agree with Peter re the 'Green' wire being good stuff.

I have used it in 20 and 28/30? for lure traces and it does seem a bit less prone to kinking than the standard brown 7 strand.

I twist my traces and with this 'Green' wire i melt the coating by holding a lighter flame 4-6" under the twist just long enough to fuse the coating. Instructions on back of pack i believe.

Use a Lure Instead !! ;)

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I haven't actually used any of these wires, although I did buy some of the Soft Strand and tied some traces up with it. I didn't like it nearly as much as my usual 49 strand wire.


In fact, I'd go further and say I've absolutely no use for 7 strand wire at all, even if Drennan products!


I find 49 strand wire much more supple, which can be important for perch. In fact, some say it'sa little too supple for their liking, at least for livebaiting. The answer is just to use a higher breaking strain, 40lb being my favourite for piking.


What's more 49 strand wire is very much less expensive in the long run. It might cost more per metre than 7 strand, but it just lasts and lasts and lasts! In fact, a lure trace might last you through a season - I kid you not!


It's kink-resistance also means of course that it's safer for the pike, kinking being a major source of breakage.


I knot it, using a 2 turn untucked half blood knot (4 turns with the 15lb). Do make sure that you tighten by pulling on the short tag end or a pigtail may result. Alternatively, you can crimp it, but it's too supple to twist.


The only other wire I'd now consider is the titanium type that Argyll has recommended. I'll be comparing this with 49 strand wire when my stock runs out - although this will be a while as it lasts so long!

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Speaking of 49 strand wire, This looks like an interesting possiblilty.


Nitinol the titanium alloy you folks are using?

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