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I think it's time I got a new bivvy, after my recent session. Does anyone have any personal recommendations, or info on those to avoid? What I need is one that is:


- Light and easily transportable (very important)

- Sturdy and strong

- Quick to erect/pack away

- For both summer and winter

- A decent size


Until now I've been using a cypry dome, which was great because it was cheap, very light, packed away very small, a decent size, and had various options like mozzie and solid doors to zip down, plus a little overhang porch bit to keep the entrance dry. The mozzie doors were brilliant, they meant I could keep the drafts out but still be able to see the rods/water.


However, over time the poles split, and it does take a quite a long time to erect and pack away. These I can live with, but because it now leaks (after many years of abuse) I may as well get something that won't have those drawbacks.


Any tips welcome :)


(I don't mind buying second hand if a particular model is expensive new but well built and made to last.)

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Something like this may be suitable for the type of fishing that you do


or this


or alternatively you could look a t an oval brolly system such as the JRC Stealth like this



The trakker A-lite and specimen brolly system may also be worth a look and possibly some of the offerings from Chub.

As you know I use an umbrella system at Wingham which is based on the JRC oval and it has been very good particularly a couple of weeks ago when there were some gale force winds with the occassional rain.

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Ive been using a Fishrite XS for the last few years and it ticks all the boxes for me. Its quickish to put up, strong and well made, comes with a winter skin and a ground sheet both of which you can leave out if you want to go light and loads of different combination you can do with the front, roll up, mesh, clear plastic or solid.


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It depends how much you are willing to buy a new bivvy


Me and Budgie have been using the JRC STI brolly for the last couple of years at Wingham. I got the overwrap to go with it


JRC STI Brolly


But if I had the money I would have gone for the Trakker Armo Trident AS


Trakker Armo Trident AS

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Must admit I am reading this thread as I am interested in a bivvy/brolly system for single nights out.


I won,t be doing winter nights just spring to autumn. The brolly type system would suit me better and really like the jrc brolly system. That is I really like the advertising of it.


Have not seen one and wonder how good they are.


Is it just the job for those big bream sessions I wonder Anderoo.





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Many thanks for the suggestions so far. It will be mostly used in the warmer months, maybe a few nights for zander in the winter (if it's mild!). I usually do 1-3 nights at a time during the warmer months, but I'm not a full-time session angler if you know what I mean - it will get used probably 6-8 times a year tops, so I don't feel the need to spend much or get anything top of the range.


It's really the lightness which will be the deciding factor - I don't want to be dragging some huge, heavy thing round the lake!

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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A brolly system is very versatile and to be honest I much prefer one than the bivvy. I have used a brolly system for many years and used a Nash profile until it finally gave up the ghost. Whem looking for a replacement it came down to a choice between the JRC Stealth and the JRC Oval and the only reason I bought the Oval was that I got a fantastic deal which included storm poles, heavy duty ground sheet, 2 sets of pegs and an overwrap for around £100. I would have preffered the stealth as it gives a bigger overhang at the front and is quite a bit more roomy. Several of my fishing friends have them and swear by them. The key thing with a brolly system is its versatility and can be used for day trips, overnighters and extended stays plus the ability to easily move swims should it be neccessary. Far less bulky than a bivy and quick to set up which certainly helps when it is raining. Even fishing the longer sessions I like the brolly so much that I have just invested in a new bedchair to compensate for old age.

As a matter of interest does anyone know if there is a problem with the site in uploading a jpeg.

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i've used the jrc stealth for about 18 months or so and can highly recommend it, although several companies market virtually identical versions.

it takes seconds to put up and take down and is pretty roomy inside when the front panel is zipped in.

slight drawback is it has developed a small drip down the centre pole in very heavy rain, but i've invested in an overwrap for this winter which should solve the problem.

i should point out that i spend days on end out in it even in winter,and put it through a bit of abuse, i'd imagine the drip shouldn't be a problem for normal 3 season angling.



King Piker

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After having owned/used several systems Im sold on the STi,Goes up dead quick just like a brolly but offers the protection of a bivy.Ive not found the need for an over wrap at all but same as I dont bivvy up that much in the Winter now.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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