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Parcel Courier Service

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Darrell, just out of interest, do you have an account with Intial City Link or do you just turn up and 'pay as you go' ?

Yes, I have an account - they offered

me one when I dropped a parcel off, not any cheaper but you get a pack with manifests, labels, etc. so it speeds it up.

You can turn up and pay and go - a rod costs £13.63, next day service with insurance included.

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Another point, do you get a discount for dropping at a depot with couriers?


We are nowhere near a depot, but just out of interest!

No - I just drop it around because it's close to work and theres nobody at home during office hours.
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Thanks Darrell that was helpful. Co-incidentally they delivered an extra long landing net handle this morning in a 6.5 foot tube and the driver left me a card. Think I'll give them a call.

'I've got a mind like a steel wassitsname'

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