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Great day stalking and catching off the surface

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I decided to go fishing Saturday and as I set up on the bank it was obvious that the weather was going to make ledgering or float fishing difficult. I could already see carp on the surface aimlessly cruising around like zombies!

After an hours ledgering I decided to make up a 10 foot spinning rod which was powerful but still soft and flexible, 10lb line (there's a fair few snags here) and a size 8 hook on the end.


I stuffed my pockets with dog biscuits, floating hookable pellets, hooks, vaseline (to make the line float), disgorger, forceps, etc. Grabbed my landing net and went for a walk.

There was only one other angler on this particular lake so I crept around the other side and flicked in a couple of biscuits. there were a couple of nice size carp less than a rod length out and they were quite hungry! When they heard the "Plop" of free offerings go in they turned around and headed straight for them. A couple more biscuits went in for good measure and were also confidentaly taken so I gently lowered my floating hookbait in...

...One gentle suck and after a few terrifying minutes of holding on for dear life and steering him away from the snags I landed a 10lb common.


I went off to the other lake and had one side all to myself. Lots of carp milling around and it was almost easy pickings. Almost every swim there were obvious targets and many of them accepted my baited hook. I didnt land all of them obviously, some managed to get away in the reeds and sometimes the hook pulled and a few times I had to reel in quick and sppok the fish to avoid those bloody greedy swans.


On Saturday I came away with a smile on my face after landing 4 fish with the smallest at 6lb.

On Sunday I spent the morning doing my chores. I have to keep the missus happy dont I?! But at 1pm I chucked the same rod in the car and drove over to the same place again. The sun was out in full strength and many of the carp anglers were sitting around their bite alarms sunbathing and wondering why they werent catching anything.

I crept around on the bank away from them and spotted a small group of carp on the surface. I didnt even bother with free offerings this time, I just cast in. Within 20 seconds I was into another powerful carp who took me for a tour of the lake for a while until I got him in the net.

A nice 7lb mirror.



40 minutes later I was into another surface cruiser, this time a 7.5lb common.




I spent some time on another swim trying my best to get them to take my bait but they steered away from it or sucked it in and spit it out. I gave up and walked to another lake and quickly hooked into another good fish but lost him when the hook pulled.

I gave up at this spot when a charming angler sent his kids round to to me "Go and see the man over there and watch him catch a fish, I'm sure he wont mind". I did mind when they started playing silly buggers on the bank next to me! Why do people with kids think that everyone else likes kids? Its the same with dogs! With the exception that I like dogs.


Anyway, I went to another lake and after half an hour of charming the carp with dog biscuits I hook into the biggest at 13lb. I cheekily asked the chap fishing around the corner to take a picture as he had come over to see what I had hooked onto anyway.




I apologise for the hat!


Most surprising were the amount of people who were watching the carp swim out in front of them but did nothing about it, then complained they hadnt caught anything all day!


I had a fantastic time!

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Looks like you had a good session, well done. I was Carping at the week end and was one of those muppets who watched the Carp basking and done nothing about it and blanked.


I did not bother to bring any floating gear with me and so was left with the choice of ledgering and fishing zig rigs to no avail. I think in future I will keep a bag of mixers in the jeep.



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Most surprising were the amount of people who were watching the carp swim out in front of them but did nothing about it, then complained they hadnt caught anything all day!


I had a fantastic time!


At least it only took an hour for the penny to drop with you. ;)


I often go out in summer with nothing but floater tackle for carp, never bothers me how big or small they are, it's just a bit of fun. :fish:

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Well done fruitloopy, stalking on the top has to be one of the most exciting methods.

Like others have said I am amazed by the number of anglers that will sit there biteless behind there alarm clocks, sorry I mean bite alarms blanking while hungry fish are on top. But then they are fishing properly for carp arnt they?

Edited by Barry C
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