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TideWizard at Rosslare Small Boat Festival

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Smartcom Software’s Tide Wizard, the leading software for predicting tide heights, is being used to plan the 24th Rosslare Small Boat Festival sea angling event, and is also offered in the prizes.


TideWizard has been used by event organiser Phil Hallsworth to plan the Rosslare festival, as TideWizard allows long term predictions of tide heights and times of high and low water to be made. This is used both in selecting suitable dates for the event, and also in setting the times for boats to be launched and recovered from the slipway.


Copies of TideWizard have also been provided by Smartcom Software for inclusion amongst the prizes for the event.


Phil says “I always recommend Tide Wizard when any of the members asks for what tide program to get. £20 for all the tide tables you need around the UK and Ireland for the next 90+ years is great value.”


This year’s event is being held from the 12th to the 19th September. It looks set to be bigger than ever, with just under 50 boats and over 120 anglers as confirmed entries to date.


TideWizard is Windows software that gives the user all they need to know about tide height prediction. This includes tables and graphs of tide heights, times and heights of high and low water, and tidal ranges. Underwater and overhead clearance lines can be generated. Results can use UTC or local time, and can be printed or saved to disk. Predictions can be generated from 1900 to 2100, and there is no need to get an update every few years. TideWizard is available in a number of versions covering different areas, including the British Isles, Europe and Worldwide.


TideWizard is available at prices from just £19.53 for the British Isles version, and gives tide height predictions until 2100 without the need for an update. It may be purchased online at www.smartcomsoftware.com, or through leading chandleries.


More information on TideWizard, including the ability to download a demo version, can be obtained from www.smartcomsoftware.com/tidewizard.html.


Tim Thornton

Smartcom Software

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