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New product that I am launching. Need advice

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I bought my last pair of "zingers" from Poundland. I use them to keep a pair of forceps handy. I have looked around a lot of tackle shops and quite a few keep at least one type in stock. Belt clip, safety pin and crocodile type clip fastening.


I do like then having used one for over 30yrs, but I wouldnt pay the price you are asking.

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I have to agree. A disgorger is 50p from anywhere. A nail clipper is a quid from Boots and a zinger can be bought for about 2-3 quid.


Apart from anything, it's not a New product by any stretch of the imagination.


I keep mine round my neck with a length of 50lb braid and that serves the pupose beautifully.


I'd think about some sort of end-tackle. Something expensive but easily lost, so it requires replacing regularly.






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Based on your comments (thank you for your honest feedback) I have reduced the price to £5.99. This does cut down on the profit but I may as well sell what I have already! :D


I think I'll try a mix and match idea where people can choose what they put on it.



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