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Environment Agency Byelaws

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But they didn't !   Possible explanation       I missed that reply at the time, and came across it by accident just now. After a lifetime of experience of officialdom's response to the ca

Here:   http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homea...hing/31465.aspx   (Might be worth making a sticky?)

I have saved a copy of the EA's bylaws as I always use it as a good ref point for when i go out with rod and line-I think it is a good idea for all anglers to read through them so that they stay famil

Good idea Leon............just got to figure out a way to make people read them now...................and get the EA to enforce them!



It's this part that angers me, ill thought out, illogical, and will do little if anything to maintain stocks, even if it was enforcable.






Angling is more than just catching fish, if it wasn't it would just be called 'catching'......... John

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BIG deal !!


The web page for my own area (Southern) was last updated in 2002 - EIGHT YEARS AGO


My licences arrived 30 days after I paid for them


I have seen just two bailiffs checking licences in over 69 years of angling


Do any of these people being paid for out of our licence money actually DO anything ?



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For me and many other anglers, the EA are simply vandals with a licence to extort money.

They licence the poluters of our rivers.

They issued the licences that allowed the farming of signal crayfish.

They've canalised our rivers to cater to the weeknd admirals.

They are activly engaged in the introduction of no-native fish to our waterways - carp, barbel, carp, and carp.


At least having paid for a licence , I can fish the rivers whenever I choose thanks to my favorite bye-law:


No person shall -

i) in fishing with rod and line for salmon in the Severn area use

any float in conjunction with any lure or bait.

ii) in fishing with rod and line for trout or any fish other than

freshwater fish during the annual close season for freshwater

fish, use any float or bait (which term includes ground bait)

other than artificial or natural fly (which term excludes

bloodworms, jokers and other midge larvae), spinners,

minnows, worms, prawns or shrimps.NB. “any fish other than freshwater fish” excludes salmon for the

purpose of this byelaw (see section 3).

Species caught in 2020: Barbel. European Eel. Bleak. Perch. Pike.

Species caught in 2019: Pike. Bream. Tench. Chub. Common Carp. European Eel. Barbel. Bleak. Dace.

Species caught in 2018: Perch. Bream. Rainbow Trout. Brown Trout. Chub. Roach. Carp. European Eel.

Species caught in 2017: Siamese carp. Striped catfish. Rohu. Mekong catfish. Amazon red tail catfish. Arapaima. Black Minnow Shark. Perch. Chub. Brown Trout. Pike. Bream. Roach. Rudd. Bleak. Common Carp.

Species caught in 2016: Siamese carp. Jullien's golden carp. Striped catfish. Mekong catfish. Amazon red tail catfish. Arapaima. Alligator gar. Rohu. Black Minnow Shark. Roach, Bream, Perch, Ballan Wrasse. Rudd. Common Carp. Pike. Zander. Chub. Bleak.

Species caught in 2015: Brown Trout. Roach. Bream. Terrapin. Eel. Barbel. Pike. Chub.

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Can I legally kill and eat a chub or carp from a lake or river?

You can from a lake as long as the owner agrees and you have that agreement in writing.


You cannot from a river unless they are under 20cm in length :wallbash:

Eating wild caught fish is good for my health, reduces food miles and keeps me fit trying to catch them........it's my choice to do it, not yours to stop me!

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Do any of these people being paid for out of our licence money actually DO anything ?


Yes actually, they do! Well, at least they do here in Lancashire!


I've reported potential pollution problems and out of season fishing on several occasions on my local stretch of river, and on each occasion I've had either a phone call or an email to tell me how their investigation is progressing. It seems their staff are a bit thin on the ground round here, but the last time I called (from Burnley) to report illegal fishing they sent someone out from Lancaster. That's quite a drive, which shows that the people I've dealt with really do try!


The last time I called about out of season fishing on my local river, the EA guy arrived at the river bank just as the culprits were leaving, so he had nothing to charge them with. Fair play to them - at least they got someone there, even if they weren't quite quick enough.


They can't be everywhere, but I can't fault the EA team in my area.


How many of us just whinge about the licence fee without actually seeing where it's being used, and how many of us actually use their services?



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Perhaps it is depends on your post code whether your local section of the EA. is good or not.


I live in Hertfordshire and like Janet, I have also had experience of the EA and the things that they have done for us.


I help manage a fishery which has had it’s fair share of pollutions in the past and the EA has sent fishery experts out to us to investigate the pollutions, supply pumps and aeriators boats and nets etc.


Our club has always been a member of the ACA/Angling Trust member and we would always get them involved before we called out the EA to make sure that we had two unrelated bodies testing the water but so far the EA has done everything they could to help us.


They also spend a lot of time doing studies such as the recent Roach study and the Barbel study etc. and other similar activities.


The fact that I only see a bailiff checking licences on rare occasions doesn't really worry me as I would rather they spent my licence money on worthwhile studies and helping with fishery problems than spending it on wages for some person to check licences all day.


However I realise that we are lucky with the EA in our region and other anglers in other regions may not be quite so lucky.

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