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Somthing to get your head around . . . ?

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Posted on another site by me, I thought it might be intersting to the members of AN . . . old bones and camera weight are becoming a problem, something that will catch us all up at some time ? . . . :


. . . After much deliberation, I finally made the decision, 'back to basics', my photography has to 'fit in with my life', and a heavy oversize camera bag, a body thats not getting any younger, painful shoulders, arms and dodgy knee . . . So how best to go about the change, my style is best described as 'street', something happens, see a photo opportunity as one rounds a corner, I want a camera to hand . . . :| Heavy is not conducive to spontaneous? and thats not even considering the old bones :?


When I do go looking for photo opportunities, I like low angle shots, getting 'down and dirty' is not something I can do these days, so a flippy-flappy screen would be nice + light and small? I looked at my recent output, a high percentage were in the standard FL of 18-70mm, this means a standard lens, cheap and light compared with the house brick Nikon 18-200VR I have been using.


I also looked at the camera I have been favouring in recent months, a Nikon D40x, originally bought for Hazel as a 'light DSLR'.


A lot of trolling through the net, and magazines, pointed towards the new, micro 4/3 systems? Very tempting, got as far as a test shots session at the local camera emporium. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was thwarted by a lack of flexibility with RAW images, if you are not using Vista/Windows 7 as an operating system on your PC, view Panasonic RAW seems to be a cumbersome affair, IMHO, so, tipping the 'pros and cons balance', for me to far in the wrong direction.


My final decision, clear the table, start with a clean sheet, but stay with a devil I now, its hard to break a habit of 20 years. Flippy-flappy screen, medium weight, small'ish size, 18-70mm lens and familiarity . . . all pointed towards the D5000 . . . ? Closer examination shows the D5000 is a D90 inside, and a D40/D60 externaly, so it has the latest technology, but a few more buttons operations are sometimes required, as I had been very happy doing this on the D40x and had shied away from the D90, it did not strike me as a problem :?


All that is fine, but there is still the issue of 24/7 camera by ones side, big bag, DSLR hanging round neck etc? Back to basics . . . , one camera/lens, cleaning cloth, spare battery, SD cards . . . thats all one needs! I was in need of a new 'man bag', so; 'man bag', camera in man bag in a small pouch for protection. If one needs a long lens 70-300mm that can be accommodated. I have a new walking-pod with a small ball joint head and fixing plate.


All I need for most of the pictures I have taken in the past 12 months, 'have man bag will travel' . . . :lol:

Camera D5000, cleaning cloth, spare battery, 2 spare SD cards, polarising filter, pen, paper.



As can bee seem, the camera (protective bag) takes almost two thirds of the main bag area, leaving the remainder + all pockets for my everyday detritus. If I confined my personal needs to the pockets only, which even by my standards is plenty of space, the main bag could be used for a long lens + a few bits? . . . or my sandwiches :lol:



Zipped up, there is no outward sign; 'here be an expensive camera'!



The light weight Hikking Monopod + ball head/detachable plate, is going to be a god send. The system is versatile, being modular, camera, extra one or two lenses, or, no camera kit at all! 8-)




PS, By the way, cost was £12 for the man bag (local market) £24.99 for the KATA mini bag from Warehouse Express, I visited their superb retail section, so helpful with out being pushy, great display of hands on stock. I was also very pleased with the service given by the Colchester branch of London Camera exchange, gave fair trade in prices IMHO, bent over backwards to get the D5000 before the 30th April dead line on £50 cash back, generally a pleasure to do business with.

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How does the Mono-pod marry up to the drop down LCD screen?? That's something that put me off getting the D5000 as I'm sure the pod gets in the way of the screen should you wish to use it.

Why didn't Nikon make the LCD to flip out sideways?


Yes Colin, I thought about it for a while . . . then looked a bit . . . I have gone away from the 'Joby' ball head. Originally I was looking at the Panosonic G1, a little extra weight in the D5000, so I had a search, came up with the 'Kood BH-02B' its light in weight, rated at 2kg support, the removable plate is cast, rather than the plastic Joby, and its an excellent fixing/safe release mechanism. Bonus!!! the plate is the same both sides, so want to use the flappy screen, turn tripod/monopod round, click! job done no interference, problem solved. OK you cant see the spirit level and the release catch is forward, but still totally accessible.







Cannot answer the 'why not side sideways', other than looking at the destruction book, they see the screen used in a similar fashon to large format, Hasselblad type cameras? Be that a it may, I am getting very used to it, like it a lot!


Kood ball heads available from, Premier Ink, at about £25 inc:




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