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Wingham Fish-In Catch Reports

Steve Burke

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I'd like to add my thanks to Steve, Peggy and the rest of the gang too.


Heres my perch, expertly photographed by Steve!




Also had an eel of around 1lb and a pike around 5-6lb that took a liking to my halibut pellets!


Wingham is a fantastic place, it's a priviledge to fish it, and maybe one day I'll get to meet one of those huge tench :)




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Again as always thank you to all mentioned for yet another fantastic fish in.( I cant believe after all the wet and miserable fish in`s I have attended I found myself soaking myself with water this morning ! )

Thanks for putting me in what is a very fishable swim ,there were definately fish in it I just couldn`t catch them :wallbash:

well done to all those that acheived PB`s and it was a pleasure to meet some new faces and catch up with familiar ones.

THANKS again :thumbs:

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Well, what can I say but I had a really great weekend at Wingham and the weather, for a change, was superb. (And Leon was there too !)


A big thanks of course, goes to Steve, Glynn, Terry and Tom for all their hard work getting Wingham ready this year. As Steve pointed out yesterday, due to the late winter they had a much smaller time frame in which to get the place ready so the fact that it was all done shows how much effort these guys put it to make it happen. On top of that, a big thanks also goes to Peggy, how she managed to put on that spread three days in a row in that heat is beyond me ! Peggy, I salute you :clap2:


I'd also like to say thanks to Anderoo, Steve and Tom for all their help with my swim, as it was the same place that Anderoo had his massive haul at out last week and I was really spoilt for features to fish to.


I'll post some pics up later when I've uploaded them but my tally for the weekend was :-


22/05/10 10:35 Perch - 1lb 9oz

22/05/10 12:25 Tench - 8lb 2oz

23/05/10 06:20 Tench - 7lb 12oz

23/05/10 07:10 Perch - 2lb 13oz

23/05/10 11:05 Tench - 7lb 13oz

23/05/10 11:20 Tench - 6lb 11oz

23/05/10 23:45 Eel - 1lb 7oz

24/05/10 01:15 Eel - 2lb 3oz


This is by far my best ever return at a Wingham Fish In and I am so glad I went this year.


If you think that you can't cope with a so called "big water" and are worried about going to Wingham, all I can say is don't be. There are so many people there that will give you advice, etc. It is unlike any other water I've ever fished where every one helps every one else out.


Steve & co, thanks again and I hope to return next year.

Edited by jedibond



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After yesterday's heat the results last night and today were disappointing but unsurprising. However even more PBs were recorded, making a total of 14 for 35 anglers.


Today was even hotter, and the carp in the Coarse Lake continued to spawn. Despite the sunshine, temperatures dropped very sharply though between 6 and 7pm - by 8C (13F) in just 1 hour! This was the promised change to cooler weather.


Here are the final results, subject to any corrections. I'll repeat them for future use at the end of the topic.


Richard Capper: a bream of 15-13 plus 11 tench to 8-14

Mat Hillman: PB perch of 2-12, an eel and a pike of 5-6lbs.

Errrm: 4 tench including a PB of 8-06, plus a PB pike of 18lbs and a smaller one

Medway Green: 2 tench including a PB of 09-06

Jedibond: 4 tench to 8-02, plus 2 perch to 2-13 and 2 eels

Ian87: 4 tench including 2 PBs of 7-12

Dales: PB eel of 4-09 (a new lake record) plus 9 others, a PB pike of 18-03 and 2 other doubles plus a jack, plus a perch of 1-08

Smiffles: PB perch of 3-14, PB pike of 11-04

Wyeknot: a 10lb pike

Weirwulf: an eel of 2-08

Babelfish: 2 tench to 4-08

Tincatinca: a tench of 8-05

Anderoo: 8 tench to 8-07

Tony U: a 3lb tench and 2 eels to 2-08

Anthony78: 13 tench including a PB of 7-06

John Block: 10 tench best 9-00 & 9-02, plus 8 eels to 2-08

Glyn: 5 tench to 8-10

Sharkbyte: a 6-00 tench

Russ McCully: 4 tench including a PB of 8-06 plus 2 perch to 1-12 plus 4 pike to 12-02

Will Wilkinson: a 7-08 tench plus 5 eels

Maddog: a PB tench of 9-01

Steve Walker: 4 tench including a PB of 8-03, plus a pike about 4lbs

Si: 5 tench including a PB of 9-02

Liam Hurst: 2lb eel

Tigger: 2 eels plus a pike of about 7lbs

Miroku: 7 eels to 4-01 + pike of 12lbs and 14-10


With the very late spring most of the tench were pretty hollow. Despite this we had 5 "nines". These are all likely to over the 10lb mark by spawning time (early July most years at Wingham), so it bodes very well for this and future seasons!

Edited by Steve Burke

Wingham Specimen Coarse & Carp Syndicates www.winghamfisheries.co.uk Beautiful, peaceful, little fished gravel pit syndicates in Kent with very big fish. 2017 Forum Fish-In Sat May 6 to Mon May 8. Articles http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/steveburke.htm Index of all my articles on Angler's Net

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However even more PBs were recorded, making a total of 13 for 35 anglers.



Wow what a great list of pb's and really good fish. Well Done to all.

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Nearly 30 eels for the weekend. Is that some sort of fishin record?

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First off thankyou steve for letting me come down again and fish wingham it really is a wonderful place.


secondly thanks to terry and glynn for sheparding my stuff round would not have been fun treking around the lake in that weather :sun:


thirdly to peggy for putting on a lovely spread it definatly filled a hole :D


im home and unpacked now and still have a smile on my face from catching my PB tench of 7lb 12oz (previousy 3 lb) was searching for an 8 but it was not to be this year but beware i shall be putting my name down as soon as i see steve open his books :P


Steve is there any chance you can send me the picture of my tench

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Well, another really fantastic Wingham fish-in - one day we'll decide if we'd rather have wind and rain or lovely sunshine! It's been a baking weekend which has made the fishing quite tough, but it does a least make a change to the 'usual' Wingham weather :rolleyes:


Top priority is to thank Steve, Peggy, Glyn, Terry and Tom - so thank you all. The amount of work that you all put in is staggering.


Next priority is to say another very big well done to Richard, who certainly made the most of his swim and caught that wonderful bream - well done Rich! I'm so pleased for you! Also well done to everyone who caught and especially those who broke PBs. Even though there are some big fish in the lake, they usually don't just crawl up the rods, and I know how hard many of you worked for those fish.


I really enjoyed myself as usual, in fact more than usual as I did much more socialising and helping out than on previous fish-ins, which was great. I hope the pointers helped people. The swim I was in was like a little oven, no shade at all and out of all the breezes, so it was also nice to keep out of it for most of the day too!




I was in the top bay, which is an area of the lake I'd fished a couple of times before without so much as a bite. So I spent a lot of time with the marker rod trying to find some interesting spots that I hadn't tried before. I spent all say Saturday with people and cast the rods at about 7.30pm, and had tench from all 3 of the new spots, and I couldn't ask much more than that. It slowed as the heatwave continued (it really was hot in that bay!) but 8 tench to 8.7 from a bogey swim made me very happy.


I had a lot of tadpoles in the margin, and I fed them an unbelievable amount of food. I'm going to start a separate topic at some point about that!


The other interesting thing was all the aggressive pike. I had one which completely ignored the big shoal of bite-sized roach doing laps of the bay, but attacked my marker float time and again. Here is the culprit, just waiting for the next twitch:




And my poor old float afterwards:




I'll finish with a couple of pictures of Wingham in the sunshine - just in case it never happens again :D






Roll on next year :)

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My thanks go out to all involved in making the fish in a succes and enjoyable . Thanks to Steve for organising and permiting the event, to Peggy who just knew what was wanted and got on and did it despite the heat, to Glyn and Terry for ferrying the gear and everyone else working away in the background to make the venue the special place that it is. I am licking my wounds and hoping for a more succesful time next time having struggled to make something of my swim this time. I am not sure I would change anything as the features in the sun were eventually quite obvious and I had been on them all the time but there was very little sign of fish in the area. The one eel that saved a blank was fooled by a bait after dark under a float with starlight fitted and was just magical to watch the light disappear!

Well done to all especially those who upped pb's and if a blank had occurred Wingham would be my first choice of venues to blank at.

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