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Wingham Fish-In Catch Reports

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Hi a massive thank you to Steve for allowing the fish-in. Wingham is very special place.

Thanks also to Peggy,Glyn,Terry,Tom,Will,Steve (bacon sarnie man!) and anyone else who i havn't mentioned for all their hard work and hospitality which make the fish-in happen and what it is. Without question the hightlight of the year. Special thanks to Peggy for the BBQ....i hardly had to eat anything after such a fanastic spread. :D

It was nice to meet up with faces old and new!

Fishing wise i was on Tims point and had most of my fish to one rod in 8ft of water with several coming to the left hand rod in 7ft....some cracking tench and quite a few sleep deprivating eels :rolleyes:

Its the first fish-in that i got amongst the tench and landed them. Most fish-ins i have followed blank areas around cathcing eels and pike so it was really nice to catch some of those amazing tench. All came to maggots feeders with groundbait with tit bits mixed amongst it.

Unless you have been fortunate enough to go to Wingham..its very hard to put into words just how amazing the place is....the ambience is wonderful...and then theres the fish!! Its one of those places that is very unique..reality stops in its tracks B)

Congrats to Richard on that bream...well done! ..and to everyone else who caught or broke their PB's...

I saw many carp too cut their way round the point but very few pike or perch where i was. But really interesting is the potential for those perch...who knows...

Of the tench i did catch 2 different shapes seemed apparent with the very long light olive green ones making up most of the captures...if these fish fill out god knows what they may weigh!!

Once again thanks Steve it really is a privalige to fish there!! :D


Tight lines



PS i tried to attach some pics of the lake but failed.....any help..am i doing it wrong? :(

John "The Block" Westley

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PS i tried to attach some pics of the lake but failed.....any help..am i doing it wrong? :(


John, try loading them onto photobucket or flicker first then edit your post and copy the image url from the site and then click the insert image button and paste the url.


PS - Good to meet you again, have to have a go at the waters you bailiff ;)

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Wow what a weekend!


Again many many thanks to Steve and the bailiffs for all their hardwork, the amount of work it takes is immense! Thanks guys! Also massive thanks to Peggy for her excellent BBQs cooking al that lovely food over a red hot BBQ in such hot weather, THANKS!


The fishing was very good and congrats to everyone that caught, especially those who upped their PBs!


I was lucky enough to catch one of Wingham's bream, not a great photo as its angled away from the camera but it was an enormous male fish as you can see in the second photo is was almost 28 inches long!





Thanks again Peggy, Steve, Glyn and Terry!


Rich "Lucky Bastard" Capper

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I was lucky enough to catch one of Wingham's bream, not a great photo as its angled away from the camera but it was an enormous male fish as you can see in the second photo is was almost 28 inches long!


Rich "Lucky Bastard" Capper



Thats a stunning fish Rich, I get the feeling it was more then just luck. In fishing you get out what you put in and thats no doubt the reward for a lot of hard work and careful planing.


Well done.



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Budgie and I would like to say thanks to Steve, for allowing us for the social visit and also a a big thanks to Peggy with the excellent BBQ.


I would also to say a thank you to Glynn and Terry and young Tom and also to Steve Campbell for the bacon sandwich.


Congratulations to everyone who broke their personal best at Wingham.

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I was lucky enough to catch one of Wingham's bream, not a great photo as its angled away from the camera but it was an enormous male fish as you can see in the second photo is was almost 28 inches


That is one hell of a fish Richard and just reward for the effort that you put in.


Here is another little thing that I know you will like. All done except for a pop rivet when I get my kit back off my youngest lad and another coat of varnish



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Thanks again to Steve, Peggy, Glyn, Terry, Tom and also all the Wingham members who give up a weekend's fishing to allow the fish-in to take place. I was to have fished the Carp lake as a thank-you from Steve for putting in an extra work party to finish trimming overhanging branches before the fish-in, but the carp were spawning so I decided to fish the coarse lake instead. Only managed 1 Tench (7lb 8oz) and 5 small eels (1lb each) but the wildlife, setting and company made up for this many-fold. Wingham is IMO the best mixed coarse fishery in the country (it must be good - I joined even though it's a 3 hour drive from home and I have some superb fishing on my doorstep).


Congratulations to all who had PBs.



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Here is another little thing that I know you will like. All done except for a pop rivet when I get my kit back off my youngest lad and another coat of varnish


Wow thanks Paul that looks great I really really owe you one!



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Wow! What a weekend! Even though I go fishing pretty much every week the Wingham fish-in is the highlight of my fishing year and I'd like to start by saying a huge thank you to Steve, Glyn, Terry, Tom, Will and Peggy as if it weren't for their hard work and dedication we would not have the opportunity to fish such an amazing and beautiful fishery. I'd also like to say a huge thank you to both Andrew (Anderoo) and Mr Richard 'Bream' Capper himself who spent ages in my swim helping me identify the features and filling my brain with an unbelievable amount of information. Thanks guy's.


Now to the fishing:

The weekend was full of highs and lows for me as I was due to travel down with my fishing partner Cliff63 but unfortunately he came down with a virus and lost over a stone in 48 hours. Unlucky mate and I'm glad to here your feeling better :thumbs:

After arriving at the fishery gates at 7am after a 3 1/2 hour drive I was met with a beautiful misty morning and couldn't wait to get to my peg. After a quick chat with both Steve and Anderoo I was unbelievably excited to find that I had been allocated the most productive bream swim on the lake. No pressure then!! :blink:

All the gear was kindly transported to my peg, along with myself, by Glyn, cheers mate! and what a peg it was. A kind of self contained bay cut off by gravel bars from the rest of the lake and after Steve had described my peg as an 'all or nothing' peg I was very happy that within half an hour of being there I'd witnessed no less than 6 tench rolling within 20 yards of the bank and had to resist the temptation of putting a feeder out blind. However, I didn't, as after speaking to both Anderoo and Steve I knew that I needed to find specific areas within my swim to place my bait. This is where Anderoo and Richard came to my rescue as although I do do alot of fishing, this style of fishing I only get to experience at Wingham and with 3 days ahead of me I didn't want to waste time and bait by putting it in the wrong spot. After a fairly intense lesson from both of these very experinced anglers I went about mapping out my swim and although it was very tempting to put 2 of my rods against the main bar which formed the biggest feature of my swim but I chose to fish 3 different areas with ranging depths to see if I could figure out the tench's prefered feeding depth.

The left hand rod was fished against the main bar out at about 35 yards in 3ft of water and was fed with 6-7 spods of groundbait and then fished over with an inline lead, PVA bag of red maggots and 2 fake maggots on the hair.

The middle rod was fished to an area of shallow silt between a small gravel patch and a small bed of eel grass. Once again this was fed with 6-7 spods of groundbait but this time I fished with an inline maggot feeder filled with red maggots and 2 fake maggots on a hair.

The right hand rod was the rod I had most confidence in as this is the area I had seen 4 tench roll in very short succession and after feeling around with the marker gear I found that this was at the edge of a gravel bar wich finished 15 yards short of the bank and I thought this rod would give me the best chance of the bream should they be in the area as this was the deapest of my 3 chosen spots at 5ft. On this rod I put around 8 spod loads of groundbait and once again fished the maggot feeder over the top.

At about 1pm and after thrashing the water to a foam with the marker gear I was very happy with the areas I had chosen and out went the rigs.

Within 45 mins my middle rod screamed off and I had my first ever Wingham tench on the bank. I was over the moon. Ok it was only 4lb 11oz but fell only 6oz short of my PB. I was ecstatic!(sorry about the crap photo's!)



Then half hour later I had another on the same rod at 6lb 7oz and I'd done it, I'd caught my new PB tench.




This was incredible. Within 2 hours of fishing I had doubled the catch rate of my previous 4 Wingham fish-ins and got another PB from this 'lake of dreams'.

At this point I was stunned and having spoken to some of the guys from around the lake I had heard that there had been 9lb tench caught already and was starting to dream of even bigger tench. After the bbq, to which I didn't go as I was hoping to get some shut eye after only 3 hours sleep the night before, I had a visit from the Burgess boys. As they pulled up in the pimped out Budgie mobile I had another take on the middle rod and Budgie did the honours with the net. This was definitely a bigger fish, once again, and Budgie was sure it would go 8lb. It wan't to be as it, along with all the other tench caught the weekend, had a very empty belly. She went 7lb 6oz and I had beaten my PB twice in 3 casts. What a lake Wingham is!


This was to be my biggest tench of the weekend but I was deffinately not dissapointed as I felt that I had fished to the best of my ability and managed 13 tench over the 3 days which is my biggest catch of tench ever! I did not see any sign of the big bream that my peg was known for, but I did see at least a dozen different carp which happily swam under my rod tips and definitely looked like they had spawning on their minds and even though I set up a carp rod with a zig rig set at the level they were swimming at they didn't sow any interest.

So, all in all this was by far my best weekend session ever and I learnt so much from the likes of Anderoo, Steve and Richard. I met some great people and will definitely be back at Wingham for another go at catching that 8lber.

In order of size, my tench went:

2lb 11oz(male)

3lb 2oz(female)

3lb 2oz(m)

3lb 3oz(m)

3lb 8oz(m)

3lb 10oz(f)

4lb 11oz(f)

4lb 13oz(m)

5lb 8oz(m)

5lb 11oz(f)

6lb 2oz(f)

6lb 7oz(m)

and my new PB of 7lb 6oz (f).


Thank you all and I hope to see you all again at the next Anglersnet Fishin




Just some shots of my peg.



Float fishing at dawn



My peg

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Effort equals reward!!

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A huge thank you as always to Steve and Peggy for running the fish-in, inviting us to fish at this very special fishery.

Thanks also to Glyn,Terry and Will for the transport round the lake.


I only managed one Tench which took a liking to double 10mm boilie at 1am Sunday morning, but I 'aint complaining!! A new PB of 9lb 1oz, upping my PB from last year.





and the view from our swim




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