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The "banks need time to recover" argument is a bit daft.


I can only comment on what Ive seen over the past 45 years on the bank.


If the fish in any stretch need anglers bait then (based on my qualifications in Freshwater Biology and many years of practical fishery management) there is something wrong! Normally caused by man ie over stocking,river barriers etc.


However as I dont know your qualifications or what you base your remarks on I wont just label them as "daft" as that would indeed make me a bit daft.....

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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Do you think areas that see a lot of bait going in don't hold a higher number, or biomass, of fish than areas that don't have any additional feed then?


Hasn't been my, completely non degree worthy, experience over a mere 35 years on the bank.

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Yes some do Tim not all though.But on the ones that do it is simply because of anglers activities and the areas that dont have many fish in do so because they are naturally poorer areas for food etc. Doesn't mean that the entire rivers ecosystem will collapse without anglers food though.


Some obviously prefer the higher stock densities that these artificially "enriched" areas provide and so be it but IMO using these as an excuse to get rid of the closed season is very lame.


Im not 100% against the idea of removing all closed season restrictions. In fact when Ive lived and fished regularly on the continent in countries that have different systems to ours Ive thought they work fine. Germany for example just used to prohibit retention (in nets or killing for the pot) of different species at different times of the year based on predicted spawning/high risk times. Seemed to work fine.


Before the decline in river fishing (as in the numbers actually using them) popular stretches (especially the match stretches) received as much bank side traffic as the still water commercials do now.The vegetation never grew back in the popular swims simply because it never had a chance to! Yes these days this is far less the case on many waters simply as they dont receive this same pressure. But some areas still do.


All this comes back to Steve's points about it being down to the individual water/stretches management to use their discretion......and if all had some it would work fine! No need for a blanket closed season but equally no need to call for a blanket lifting....especially based on poor "science" or using such just to get ones own way.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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