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Fishing from wooden dinghy on rivers and lakes

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My neighbour has a small wooden (it may be fiberglass) dinghy, big enough for two people with oars that I could borrow.

I've always wanted to fish from a boat on a lake or river but I dont know what may be required such as licensing, etc.


I realise that if I want to fish on a lake I need the lake owners permission but I am unsure whats required if fishing on a river, specifically The River Nene outside of Peterborough.

Do I need a license, permission, etc? Do I have to use a slipway or just a convenient location (with landowners permission) to launch from?


I will put this on the coarse fishing forum as well if thats ok?

Any help much appreciated.

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Hi mate i recently got hold of a small fibreglass boat aswell, IF you want to 100% legal I think you need to license the boat about £20,I say this because a friend of mine was in a kayak yesterday and he got collared getting out of the river at Huntingdon by the Enviroment Agency and they said any any water going craft needs to be licensed!!!

My advice is mate save your £20 towards a good comfortable life jacket..

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