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need a new match reel :(

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dunno if a "match" reel is the proper term for a small light reel holding only enough line for float fishing just what i have known them


my old reel was a mitchell but not sure of the model would have to retract it from the bottom of the bin to find out


Were you aware that you can have your mitchell serviced,parts relpaced, rebuilt?etc by chap who advertises on line.if you wanted to that is?.I believe he may also take old mitchells for spares. Jims reel shop i think it's called.

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the guy in my local tackle shop said he could probably find replacement parts for it but i only paid about £20 for it about 6 years ago and it was never that good to begin with.


i will definitely have look on ebay like budgie suggested. the shimano seems like a good option.


i usually fish lazy and just keep the line so when i lift the rod the hook swings level to my hand for rebaiting so casting isn't an issue. playing the fish is what my old real let me down with, plus i prefer to hold the rod as much as possible rather than use a rod rest & the reel i am using temporally as a replacement is a bit bulky and heavy


thanks for all the good advice

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