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trolling for bass with a dipsey diver ?

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Yeh, I got that one


I did a google search after I posted and got some interesting results including some from Pro Angler


Difference being though that they troll for bass in freshwater whereas our bass are salt water and in tidal conditions so not too sure how such a controller would work in those conditions


Might be good for pike and perch though

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Hi all, I've used them over here a few times and I plan on using them a lot next season. The great thing about the Dipsy Divers is that they allow you to fish a huge spread of lures, or they let you troll a lure close to a shallow water reef without fear of getting your boat anywhere near it!

Basically you can set the Dipsys to fish left or right up to 70 yards away from the boat, and something like from 4ft to 100ft deep!

They use them a lot in the Baltic when trolling for salmon, so they're perfect over here for bass. I'll be using 2 Dipsys and 2 normal deep diving plugs for my trolling next season - that means I can fish 4 rods without fear of them tangling up.

I did do a piece on them in the magazine a while back - I'll try and dig it out for you.

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