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Well Southern Jessies our Queen has seen fit to grant the Title of City to 5 of her towns in the United Kingdom.

Oh what a suprise all in the North.


Aaaaaaand, after that patronising gesture - she chooses to live in the South and take her vacations in Scotland!


Votes wiv 'er feet does Liz. Suvvern girl see? :)





But where does she spend many of her holidays, mostly spend Christmas? Norfolk, Sandringham to be exact. Mind you that's probably because the Queen Mother can't manage the hills up North, and because Phillip & the Late Princess Margaret prefered our beers. Also the pike & zander fishing is better, we return what we catch.
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Know what you mean Newt and to add to that we came out of a bar in Montreal and was walking down the street when from behind came a call of "Yoohoo Royal Navy". We turned round to see Montreal Mervyn and some of his "friends" approaching. Needless to say we disappeared into the first bar we came to. Minus Mervyn. :D:rolleyes::D great days. :)

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Actually Wordbender, as in most cases, the mass produced stuff as you say is the triumph of marketing over quality, but some of the U.S. microbreweries are superb. Try Samuel Adams products, Pete's Wicked beers and I reckon there are plenty other good ones.    


As an acknowledgement of the brewing expertise of our 'less-historic' chums across the pond, I'll freely concede that their stuff DOES make a reasonable breakfast beer - provided it's consumed before 10 a.m. of course.


What? Patronising? Me? Perish the thingy.


[ 16 March 2002, 10:29 AM: Message edited by: Wordbender ]

And on the eighth day God created carp fishing...and he saw that it was pukka.

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Just moving this over to the non-fishing forum....

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