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The future of fishing

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Last time I was in town I was pleased to see a group of lads fishing the Thames, and even more pleased to see they were catching. That is until they hooked a 2lb perch and had no landing net and there is a 3 foot drop to the river from the path.


COmplete stupidity, and I went over and told them, and also asked to see their licences. The reply was unprintable, but went along the lines of: "Get the hell out of here before we knock your block off."


Extremely annoyed and micked off by their stupid behaviour and recklessness. The expressions of passer's by was less than approving.

Tight Lines,

Matt AKA "The Kid!"


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Hi guys,

just read this thread with great interest.

I came back to the sport this season after 15 years away and am 32 years of age.

When I learnt to fish all those years ago it was on hard natural waters where if you caught 2 three ouce roach it was a good day. I remember fishing a match at 11 where I won with an 1/2oz rudd which was the only fish caught by 20 anglers. I learnt to fish from reading and practicing as there was no-one to show me. I inrtiduced a mate to the sport this year and we fish on average once a week together. I started him at a commercial stocked with silvers and he caught about 30 fish on his first 3 hour session. We now try differing venues from the local canal where my best catch is 3lb of silvers in 3 hours to a carp pool where i can catch 200lb of carp in 4 hours.

To get to the point, I learnt to fish hard venues as a kid and did it because I loved the outdoors and shot and hunted also. He has learnt to fish starting on easy venues but now relishes the challenge of the canal and having to work for every ouce of fish, he just enjoys angling. I FIRMLY believe that that he would not have got this hunger for the sport if we had started on the canal and struggled to catch. If i was to take my boys when they are old enough to show interest I would do exactly the same to get the interest level up before making it harder for them.

The human mind in particular at an early age needs sucess to generate interest. What is wrong with giving that if it means that another life long angler joins us.

At my local Borwick water which i use to practice new techniques as it is very easy to catch on the pole I always take the time to help other anglers if they ask and have got many a youngster catching whern they have taken the time to ask.

Fenboy I would love to have teh rich natural fishing surrounding me but I dont, therefore the commercial is a way of introducing the sport to all up here, bearing in mind I have spent approx 20 hours on the Lune to catch one large bream and a good hybrid, relish the challenge of that just as much.


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'You seem to have some sort of rainbow image of fishing, whereby a kid goes fishing with his dad or uncle to a secluded bit of river or a quiet little "estate" type lake and they catch Tench at dawn, roach to 1lb during the morning and switch to the pike rod when Esox invades the swim.


They both go home into the setting sun with there single rods over one shoulder and small rucksack over the other.


Sorry mate, that's for Mr Crabtree, it is just not reality, never was and never will be.'



Whoa hold on there, with the exception of the rucksack and single rods thats my kind of fishing. its the same kind of fishing that I introduced my cousin to and where he in turn takes his 6 year old. its the same environment where I entertain friends who come down for the day. Private estate lake? expensive stretch of a syndicate river? Well no, its a highly productive piece of the free tidal Thames which just like 100s of 1000s of acres of REAL water all over the country was 'written off' years ago when supervised holes in the ground became popular. At dawn (and for most of the day) its more or less empty, devoid of all but those who liike myself, do their homework and find wild fish in (almost) wild places and I know a dozen or so places just like it within a short drive of the capital.


Oddly I dont have a problem with those who settle for highly organised fishing for cereal stuffed tame fish and the camo fashion show that goes with it, it leaves more of the real stuff for me and others like me.


[ 27. July 2004, 11:35 AM: Message edited by: argyll ]

'I've got a mind like a steel wassitsname'

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Gerry, I wish I could fish 'natural' waters. My Problem is getting to the swim and back. Being disabled (tho' I don't look it) means that I have to choose somewhere where I DON'T have to walk too far, and on even ground. I do fish these 'Carp puddles' but not for Carp! I can have a fantastic day's fishing at the water for large Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench etc. while the expert Carpers wait for their bites! (And I am NOT knocking Carpers!)



fishing is nature's medical prescription

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Kleinboet, I hear you. I knew when I said my piece there would be exceptions. But the waters that I fish for the greater part are not

inaccessable overgrown wildernesses. However I agree that wheelchair access to a great deal of the water would be impossible and some areas whilst accessible, would require assistance from able bodied help. However the vast majority of anglers would have little or no problem apart from a nice brisk walk from their cars and those are the anglers that I really aimed my comments at. Seems nice brisk walks are out of fashion.

'I've got a mind like a steel wassitsname'

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when i was about 10 my grandad took me fishing for the first time, he set me up first with a small rod and reel and a float, i caught about 5 gudgion befrom he had finished setting up his pole...the rest of that day i caught a couple of roach but i was hooked and i didnt start on a "puddle", in fact in 6 years i've been to about 3 of these puddles and i did enjoy it. but for me going down to the river which i did for the first itme this year is bar far the best fishing i have ever tried....cant wait to lure fish the severn....gunna brill, even if i dont catch.

hmmmm really

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Guest sslatter

I started going fishing when I was five, and although I caught some fish, it was hard going. I only had "Mr. Crabtree" to refer to, and the Arun never was and never will be the Hampshire Avon. :D When I was about 7-8, my uncle took me down to what could be called his local "puddle", except that it was a little back eddy on the Dorset Stour, crammed with bleak. In one short hour in that swim, he taught me the basics of floatfishing with a porcupine quill, I caught loads of fish, and I was away.


So.. I'm in two minds about modern "puddles":


1) I dislike them because the majority (that I've seen) are small, poorly managed, artificial, litter-strewn, and have too many fish;


2) I like them as a learning cemtre for adults and younger people new to angling.


So.. I think they are here to stay, so we'd better try to get the best use out of them to help promote angling, i.e. get people learning to catch and safely handle fish.


[ 27. July 2004, 02:50 PM: Message edited by: Graham X ]

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Strange thing is that my local Broad has some good carp, known biggest so far is 26lbs, and quite a few of 'em. But you know what? I never see a carp fisheman after them. The fishing is free, but I guess taking yer average carp angler away from his more usual environment is a challenge not to be met. Such a shame.


As a matter of interest I actually did the unthinkable this morning. I bought two 4 to 8 foot long extendable bank sticks! But not for use as bank sticks, but as an extendable rod pod! I shall push them into the mud, extend them to whatever depending on the tide, sit in my boat, turn the dreaded alarms on and wait, and wait, and wait! My boat will move, my alarms will not! If the carpies don't want these lovely commons then yours truly will have a bash! Not sure how to erect a bivvy on board though!!

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Here you go Peter.


Posted Image


Just make sure you keep quiet about it or you will have all sorts of wannabe company,


Posted Image

" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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