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Some nostalgia for you

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Phew, after much messing about I’ve finally managed to create stills from a DVD and upload them to photobucket. I’m sure a more savvy IT bod would’ve managed it in minutes but hey ho I’m there now.


This post is a bit of fun really, recently I’ve been privileged enough to fish a section of the Kennet featured in the 'A Passion for Angling' series first aired during 1993. The series took about three years to make so the stills are getting on for twenty years old now. My club book allows me access to some venues featured in the early sequences in Midwinter Madness but there’s one swim I’ve always wanted to visit and a week ago an opportunity came along. The Weedrack


Oh, and before anyone thinks this was a deluded fish chasing exercise it was purely a trip back in time to see how the river’s changed, I’m interested in that sort of stuff. I did trot a few maggots but I spent more time wandering about, taking pics and retracing the steps of Bob James and Chris Yates.


Then. Some 20 odd years ago and with much less vegetation. The episode was filmed during mid March so that probably accounts for a lot of the difference, my pics were taken early December;


Edit:The stills were screen captures from the "A Passion for Angling" DVD which is credited and copyrighted to Hugh Miles. Very sorry please don't sue me.




In the pic below, note the lack of a tree about 5 yards to the right of the weedrack on the far bank;




Now. A rickety old weedrack which probably wouldn’t support one person let alone two. I would‘ve tried but the leap from the bank to the platform is farther than it used to be and it all looked a bit rotten. A tree appears (albeit over a 20 year period) far right of picture;






Bob James shortly before catching the 3lb roach (we’ll give him the ¼oz);




Just upstream of there now;




The fishing hut in the background;




Still there today, just in need of a little more repair than it used to be;




Finally, something which probably isn’t still there today a fine example of a 3lb Kennet roach;



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Rusty – what a brilliant set of photographs contrasting one of the best settings from probably the best series of angling TV shows ever, with the river Kennet today.


Next beat downstream from Barton's Court methinks but I bet it’s a hundred times more expensive unless you know the right people! You lucky so and so but at least you are one of the good guys – thanks for sharing the pics. :)


I wonder how other key settings from A Passion for Angling are nowadays.


Anyone been to Redmire Lake recently? (Or indeed ever?)


Anyone know what stretch of the Hampshire Avon was used for filming. I believe the amazing Bob James haul of nine 2lb roach was from the Longford estate so probably not somewhere your average Anglers Net member has access to. They appeared to use other stretches of the Hampshire Avon though, for both the autumn, and summer Childhood Dreams episode. Anyone know where and what these stretches are like now?

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He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days without taking a fish. (Hemingway - The old man and the sea)

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its got a kind of haunting quality to it .yes its hard to believe that passion for angling really is 20yrs old . lovely post rusty

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Not a patch on it's former glory then I take it??



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Not a patch on it's former glory then I take it??


Chris Pumbs' blogs reveal a river rich in fish. I guess, though, you need his years of experience, to know where they are, and quite how to catch them. :)


All I ever catch on the river is trout... :unsure:

He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days without taking a fish. (Hemingway - The old man and the sea)

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i dont want to be a downer on your brilliant efforts but have you thought of the copyright issues? hopefully the original cameraman / film maker isn't as zealous as some out there but it maybe wise at least putting in text the details of the originator in each picture ,the originator maybe happy with that ;)

your lucky being able to visit a great bit of water sadly the Frensham (a mile or so from here) scenes are no longer as good to fish

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