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I had already registered on another site (the only one I knew of at that time) and asked some rig questions - someone then posted a link to Anglersnet. :)


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I honestly can't remember ! (All that lager/scrumpy/vino and malt affects the short-term memory)


I THINK it might have been via Waterlog - they do a page called In t'net, recommending interesting sites.


Anyway, as the Grimreaper says, its like going down the pub talking fishing with your mates - better for me in fact, as my ears have been the first thing to go, and so I would miss the rat-tat-tat of oral repartee in the pub.


Also, at near-68 I am still learning - make public what little I know about skate fishing, and in comes Davy Holt with a wealth of knowledge.


Mention perch, and Steve Burke and Alan Pearce are there straight away with lots of good advice.


Ask about a trip to Texas, and every computer-literate sport in the States is offering to take me fishing.


Can even exchange badinage with my old mate Chevin ........ bl**dy marvelous



RNLI Governor


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Certhia's world species - 215

Eclectic "husband and wife combined" world species 501


"Nothing matters very much, few things matter at all" - Plato

...only things like fresh bait and cold beer...

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I found it looking for info on Castnets, cant remember which search engine tho! Been here ever since! usually in the small hours!


There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot!


Its nice here! http://www.twfcorfu.com

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