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Closed seasn targets?

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With the river season drawing to a close my thoughts are starting to turn to stillwaters. My winter river target of a 2lb roach was a spectacular failure (however due to half my year being spent in Cornwall i can only river fish in short bursts) i am now looking towards my next disappointment (I thought about continuing the roach quest, only from a still water but decided that the only true 'two' is a river 'two'). I have decided that my first 3lb perch is in order (not the 'prime' time of year i know but still very do-able i think), and there is one local water that i reckon could produce one, however, i will only have perhaps 5-6 sessions max in which to catch it. GAME ON!

Have any other river fisherman set themselves any closed season still water targets?

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I try not to fish during the close season but I believe my club has access to some nice tench waters, a species I haven't fished for in 20 odd years. So this year I might treat myself to some midweek misty dawns by a lake.

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I try not to fish during the close season


Snap! My closed season targets are to get a couple of books read - and a couple more bought perhaps! :D Best 6 or 7 weeks of the season still to go yet though and if we get a mild spell THE best time for a big stripey IMO!




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Plenty of time yet, and as Chris said, the best could still be yet to come. A mild spell (and some free time) at the last couple of weekends would be nice. We didn't get that last season.


I was talking to Steve Burke about perch a while ago, and he reckoned that April is the THE time to catch a big one, so your plan to target them in the river closed season could work out very well indeed!


My plans are to carry on with the chub until the end of the season (with a day at the Itchen at the AN fish-in, which I'm really looking forward to), have a little break, and then from late April/early May start with the bream fishing, which will take me through to September(ish). I'm not planning on doing much tench fishing next season, just the odd session in late May/early June. I might do some gravel pit perch fishing in April too, depending on how things work out time-wise.


In the gap between the end of the season and the start of the bream blanking, I'll be doing some fly fishing, both at Farmoor for its big, super-charged rainbows, and my little tributary for its spooky little brownies :)

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Why do some English anglers see the close-seaon as the end of fishing over that period. Are there no alternatives?


I can't fish rivers just now, apart from the odd super-famous salmon beats on the Tay or summit. Brownie fishing is out. I could just about get away these days pike fishing because most Crown Bailiffs are switched on these days to the difference but trot a maggot and you're just asking for it. I could probably get away coarse fishing my local river because it's not a famous salmon river, although it does have them but if you're clearly using coarsey methods, they generally leave you alone. Start spey-casting a tube fly aound and you'll probably get the nick. That said, if I wanted to go fishing right now, I'd hit the canal or a stillwater.


Why is fishing rivers the end of fishing?? I see Anderoo already has his year mapped out. He knows which stillwaters he' targeting when the English close season starts.



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The start of the river close season for me means the start of my summer boat fishing season fishing for cod pollack and bass and I'll probably get a few trips in to the Dumfries and galloway area for some big loch piking


My real treat for myself this year is to do some serious lake tenching and have a crack at finding the tope off our bit of caostline

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